Kaid Ashton: L.A. Skies

May 01 2016 . 02:21am

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Kaid Ashton Limited Edition Print Release

May 02 2015 . 07:48pm

Outside of exploring and taking photos, a good portion of Kaid’s life has been spent either on a basketball court or venturing through a train yard. He has decided it was time to release a print of the many hoops and tracks that he has discovered around the world.

Prints are 24 x36, hand signed on the back and $150 each. The series is limited to 25 prints per theme.

If you are interested drop an email to kaidashton@gmail.com

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We Care | Kaid Ashton in Manila

January 15 2013 . 11:39pm

A quick one for the fourth class from the EDSA location where 15 families make their homes under massive billboards with shacks for shelter.

 T.V. crews came out to capture the event and interview the parents, kids and volunteers.

Prize winners for best Behavior and most creative drawings

Huge shot out to the mothers for all their help!

Flashy coloring book for the grand prize winner.

The kids were amazing and the parents were very helpful. Thank you to everyone who helped out for this class!

Thanks to the Office of Culture and Design and to Bonifacio Art Fund for flying me out to Manila and for all of the support for the 5 classes we taught during the week.

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Kaid Ashton | From The Getty to Watts and everywhere in between

November 23 2012 . 02:36am

Known for the beaches, Hollywood and the stars, the structures and architecture of Los Angeles are often overlooked.
The city has many amazing buildings with shapes, lines and symmetry popping out at every corner particularly downtown.
Here are the structures that caught my eye. From The Getty to Watts and everywhere in between.

Kaid Ashton

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Kaid Ashton | LA nights

November 17 2012 . 01:42am

With no tripod and long exposures needed I turned to the elements on the streets to steady the camera and capture these photos.
Bus benches, concrete slabs, car roofs, street signs, sidewalks, my backpack, hat and shoe were all used for these images.

-Kaid Ashton

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