Juxtapoz Photo book featuring Dylan Maddux

December 04 2009 . 01:21am

Once a year, the Juxtapoz Magazine photo issue is released to eagerly awaiting fans of bleeding-edge photography. For the first time, Juxtapoz Photography pulls together in one volume the featured artists who since 1994 have been redefining a new movement of art and culture through provocative lenswork, groundbreaking camera angles, intense and often irreverent subject matter, moody and vibrant colors, and intimate portraiture.
Juxtapoz Photo showcases a diverse group of current photographers, both established and up and coming, with a mix of personal and documentary images. The photos are eclectic in style and subject — from portraits of celebrities and anonymous people, to snapshots from travels abroad and intimate moments captured on film — but all photos are united by the Juxtapoz stamp of intriguing freshness and outsider perspectives.
Contributors include Corey Arnold, Estevan Oriol, Alex Prager, Angela Boatwright, Dylan Maddux, Sam Bassett, Ye Rin Mok, Jesse Pollock, Heather Culp, Andy Mueller and many more.

Find out more at: dylanmaddux.com

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The MAC gets the cover of new Juxtapoz magazine!

July 24 2009 . 01:33am

Taken from Juxtapoz:

Juxtapoz for the month of August in the year 2009 decided to split the covers: Newsstand featuring the Clayton Brothers, subscriber featuring Mac. Figuring both artists have distinct styles, it made for a nice juxtaposition, get it? Besides showing the newest work from the Clayton Brothers and Mac, August 2009 has features on Natalia Fabia, filmmaker Stacy Peralta, Lisbon-based, London-residing artist Vhils, and cultural and fashion icon, Shawn Stussy. We also have a fantastic feature on our hometown artist, Henry Lewis. Amanda Fairey, curator of Subliminal Projects, also makes an appearance.
We also have Greg Gossel, The New Yorkers, Basco Vazko, and Jonathan Yeo in here, as well as Michel Gondry’s toilet paper. Come, come get it.

From MAC:

Damn!….I saw the new issue of Juxtapoz(#103) and was blown away to see one of my paintings used as the cover of the subscriber edition!….and inside there’s a 14 page interview with me by David Choe, who tries to get me in trouble….along with a portrait photo at the beginning taken by Estevan Oriol
After years of reading Juxtapoz, and never actually being in Juxtapoz…here I am… on the cover of Juxtapoz. Not sure how that happened but I feel really honored! Aside from all that it looks like a great issue with some other great art in it…
I’m just posting the cover and the first spread of the interview here for now…maybe more later when I have time…. and you can also get a copy at Juxtapoz.

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Recap from Augor’s art show at Upper Playground on Art Walk

June 16 2009 . 03:16am

Find out more at: AUGSDRAWS.com

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Augor presents So Called Artist

June 06 2009 . 06:56pm

Augor brings you The sequal to last month’s installation show. This week Augor presents  ”So Called Artist”  A new collection of paintings created since last months show ended. The conclusion to this 2 part art show should be quite  interesting. If you were not able to make it to Augor’s installation show last month this is a great  time to see it in it’s full form the way Augor intended.

7 pm to 11 pm 

125 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 623-430

for more info go to www.upperplayground.com

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Happy Easter from Above

April 13 2009 . 04:11pm

 Outrage over AIG bonuses with taxpayer money has taken many forms, but street artist Above gave it an Easter twist. Whether you’re searching for Easter eggs or those billions of dollars in bailout money, Above’s response echoes many taxpayer’s sentiments, in a more creative way than most.


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