Primary Flight flicks from Logan Hicks

December 04 2009 . 01:56am

It’s the eve of the official Primary Flight event and two seasoned veterans of street art took to the streets early. Around midnight Shepard Fairey and Ron English started making their mark on the neighborhood of Wynwood for the Primary Flight event.

Shepard Fairey will be doing his largest mural to date this year for Primary Flight. With a wall that is nearly 20 ft tall, and 200 ft wide, this monster wall will be finished over the next few days. During this night session he was visited by KAWS and Jose Parla who got a sneak peek of what was to come over the next few nights.

Ron English worked into the morning hours doing the prep work on his mural which will be approximately 30ft wide by 15ft tall.

These are only 2 of the nearly 80 artists that will be participating in Primary Flight.

We will be sending you daily updates of the progress of Primary Flight. Feel free to post, redistribute or blog as you see fit. If you would prefer that we do not mail you, just let us know and we will remove you from our status updates over the next 4 days.

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