HOME – New exhibition installation by Ian KID ZOOM Strange

March 25 2012 . 07:50pm

In October 2011, after three years living in New York, artist Ian Strange (Kid Zoom) returned to Australia to create a major new exhibition housed in Cockatoo Island’s prestigious Turbine Hall.  A reflection on Strange’s upbringing as an isolated teen in the Australian suburbs, Home featured a full-scale reproduction of his childhood house rebuilt from early adolescent memory and a film documenting the violent destruction of three Holden commodores.

Of the work, Strange said: “Living away from Australia has meant that questions surrounding my own identity and a genuine sense of place have begun to filter through into my art. More broadly, I wanted to come home to create a work reflecting on my origins in the Australian suburbs I felt that I needed to escape when I was younger. ”

Find out more at: kid-zoom.com

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Ian Strange – Kid Zoom

September 08 2011 . 04:08pm

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