Kanye West | The Life Of Pablo temporary store @ Known Gallery

May 25 2016 . 03:45am

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Source: hypebeast.com

Photographer: Aaron Miller/HYPEBEAST

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JR’s “Wrinkles Of The City” Project Arrives in Istanbul

May 28 2015 . 10:04pm


More at hypebeast.com

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Photo Recap of Felipe Pantone’s “RESITUATION” @ Constant, Hong Kong

April 11 2015 . 08:56pm


G/F 35 First Street
Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong

Photographer: Ambrose Leung/HYPEBEAST

More information at hypebeast.com

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Cali Thornhill Dewitt on his “Night Light” exhibition

April 03 2015 . 01:15am

“I like flowers, they remind me of mushroom clouds. A bouquet of flowers reminds me of death. They’re just beautiful in an uncanny way.”

Photographer: Kenneth Deng/HYPEBEAST

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Hypebeast recaps on “BEAST ASTRAY” Art Exhibition at Known Gallery by Joe Hahn of Linkin Park

October 22 2014 . 10:10pm

At the end of last month, Hypebeast gave a recap of Joe Hahn’s multi-artist show “BEAST ASTRAY,” in which many of Hahn’s close friends and associates displayed their creative spin on the turntablist/director’s second film, MALL. Here’s another look with a clip featuring interviews from some of the contributors discussing their interpretations, as well as several shots of the art pieces that were displayed at Known Gallery.
To find out more info visit hypebeast.com

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