HowNosm and Daze book made for Known Gallery by RVCA and ANP

October 27 2011 . 03:31am

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The making of the HowNosm sculpture for ACHTUNG! at Known Gallery

October 27 2011 . 01:58am

HowNosm – It’s in your Hand… a collaboration with HiTek entertainment.


The staid cleanliness of a single-colored surface is a disturbing testament to society’s uniformity and the pressure society places on one to conform. Such a surface, standing alone and dull, cries out for attention. Answering its call ‹ and recognizing its potential ‹ HOWNOSM bless the surface with confidence, courage, action, vitality and just a touch of the world’s inevitable darkness and death, transforming it into a truer reflection of both the world around it and their own varied lives. ACHTUNG! is a collection of pieces that resemble broken mirrors, each filled with messages that are, by turns, sharp-edged, blurred and fast-changing. They serve as a reminder of the need to, and the dangers of failing to, walk alertly through this life.
Show runs til: November 5th, 2011

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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HowNosm and Daze in Los Angeles for LA Freeways and Known Gallery opening

October 19 2011 . 07:53pm

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HowNosm and Daze opening night photos by Willie T

October 18 2011 . 09:04pm

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HowNosm and Daze installation photos by Carlos Gonzalez

October 18 2011 . 08:17pm

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