Vizie for his brother Nekst in their hometown of Houston.

March 05 2013 . 12:53am


Vizie for his brother Nekst in their hometown of Houston.

Video by KC Ortiz. Additional camera by BankShot.

Vizie –
KC Ortiz –
BankShot –

Music – Get Free by Major Lazer –

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A Conversation With A Great Friend | A New Mural at the Houston/Bowery Wall

March 09 2012 . 06:45am

New York, NY: March 8, 2012

Iron Eye Art Group and Tony Goldman present “A Conversation With A Great Friend“; a new mural at the Houston/Bowery Wall, New York

Goldman Properties is pleased to present “A Conversation With A Great Friend“, a new mural from internationally-recognized graffiti writer RETNA at the Houston/Bowery wall in New York. This is the seventh project at this iconic site, previously adorned with the paintings of Keith Haring and Os Gemeos, among others.

Known for his distinctive hieroglyphs melding ancient Incan, Egyptian, Arabic, Hebrew and Asian calligraphy wih graffiti, RETNA has created a written language unto himself. These symbols convey meaning with each character, drawn directly from an event or dialogue experienced by the artist. Developed from a conversation with curatorial advisor, Medvin Sobio (as the title suggests, RETNA’s own great friend), this mural exists as an audio visual performance; born from a conversation and transcribed onto a surface. The ideas exchanged between these two friends, and their analogies of existence, activate the visual component of the Houston/Bowery façade.

RETNA himself says, ‘No one likes to let someone use something only to have it come back broken. If we let you use it, utilize it to make it better, but don’t bring it back worse than when you got it. In life, we are all part of a cycle- we all have to be mindful of our responsibilities and take care of the gifts we are given. In the end, we are not the owners of the universe, but custodians doing the rounds…’

RETNA’s unique script reads the following phrases across the wall:

‘All the great ones are conscious of universal truths’
‘Watch the heartbeat in your wrist- a precise pulsing beat of life’s drum- with loss of timing you are ill’
‘The power of the world always works in circles’

Listen to the conversation:

RETNA was born in Los Angeles in 1979. Solo presentations of RETNA’s work have been presented in collaboration with New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Primary Projects and The WAREhouse at the Margulies Collection in Miami, and the Hallelujah World Tour (presented by Andrew Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld) which traveled to exclusive locations in New York and London. RETNA was included in the 2011 blockbuster exhibition Art In the Streets, presented by director Jeffrey Deitch at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. In May 2011, he was commissioned by the Pasadena Museum of Art to paint its façade in its entirety. A month later, he was commissioned by private jet mogul Thomas Flohr to paint a Bombadier Global Express VistaJet, as part of his active fleet. RETNA lives and works in Los Angeles. /

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RETNA | Bowery and Houston wall in New York video

March 06 2012 . 09:05am

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RETNA | Bowery and Houston wall in New York

March 05 2012 . 07:12pm

All photos found on internet.

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Retna & Oishii Creative American Revolutionaries

July 08 2009 . 04:10am


I recently partnered with Design Agency, Oishii Creative to promote the launch of Ovation’s TV American Revolutionaries. Here is a quick excerpt i took from

Ovation TV’s recent campaign for the documentary series American Revolutionaries paired African American musical icons with the work of LA graff art muralist RETNA. While we immediately recognized the symbolism the campaign represented, we were surprised and delighted to see RETNA’s work getting this kind of national recognition. There are a number of parallels one could draw, RETNA being an African American/Salvadorian artist working to further the legitimacy of graffiti art and striving to establish his own legacy. When we asked for his impressions on the project , RETNA offered up the following, “These artists really broke new ground and gave voice to so many people. They struggled with many of the issues of their day breaking down barriers making it possible for my generation to have so many opportunities. Everywhere you look, their art has made such important contributions to our culture reshaping America’s past, present and future.”

The sheer reach of the American Revolutionaries ad campaign, with larger than life billboards in Houston, Chicago, and New York’s TIme Square brings his work to new audiences. We can only cross our fingers that these locals will embrace his cultural influence as we have here in LA.

To read the whole post visit….

As you may know, Oishii Creative designed the current EA SPORTS logo, developed No Good TV’s website, and shot music videos for bands like Incubus and Rage Against the Machine. We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the right creative partners to create memorable brand identities. But, this time, we’re taking our involvement one step further.

Ismael Obregon, Oishii Creative’s Founder and Creative Director explains it best, “Our goal was to connect Ovation TV with the next generation of artists, while finding creative ways to use the outdoor medium. Our relationship with Retna is longstanding and we are thrilled to bring his art back to the streets in a whole new way.”

To learn more about

To visit my profile on

To learn more about the American Revolutionaries.

Video & Photos by Ariel Sinson

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