February 10 2007 . 09:52pm

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Boost Mobile launches new artist website!

February 03 2007 . 03:54am

This site is official! Find out more at: BoostedMobile

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Piece of Mind trailer

February 02 2007 . 02:39pm

The feature length documentary that chronicals 2 years in the life of 4 Los Angeles based graffiti writers. Filmed on 16mm, Super 8mm, and several video formats, Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs have truely captured the essence of what its like to be a young graffiti artists trying to make a name. The gritty footage ranges from streetsign tags to rooftop billboards, giving the audience a peek into the world of graffiti that has never been seen before by an outside culture.

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Jersey Joe of The Seventh Letter at GCS Alhambra

January 29 2007 . 01:40pm

Jersey Joe of The World Famous Seventh Letter crew will  be painting live at GCS  Alhambra on  Sunday February the 11th.

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24 pages of press on THE SEVENTH LETTER CREW in X-CUP magazine from Taiwan

January 20 2007 . 04:01am

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