The supporters at NORM’s opening night by Willie T

October 12 2009 . 02:30pm

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Photos: Willie T

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October 08 2009 . 04:12pm


This month will be a little different than others. We will be having multiple TSDPs from different artists being released randomly. This is the first of many videos and coverage from CLASH OF THE TITANS, an event in Australia organized by the one and only REVOK of The World Famous Seventh Letter Crew. Special thanks to: Willie T, Good Times Media, Rev Barnes,, Risky for the amazing studio, Janae at, Ironlak Paint and everybody putting in those 40-50 hour shifts on this project.

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OG ABEL is simply amazing to say the least.

September 19 2009 . 02:46am

OG ABEL freestyled this New Era hat with a 10 cent ball point pen for a charity event with What more can we say, OG ABEL is simply amazing to say the least.

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Preview pics of what TSL ARMOR has going on

September 13 2009 . 10:20pm

TSL ARMOR has just began to release their new Miniature Line and is working on a short documentary with Willie T of GoodTimesMedia.

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Photos from The Seventh Letter x New Era, New York

September 13 2009 . 02:20pm

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