Holiday Pop Up shop by Modern Multiples at Known Gallery, Los Angeles

December 20 2011 . 08:55am

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For pdf catalog, pricing and availability please email:

Photos: Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion

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Modern Multiples x Known Gallery

December 17 2011 . 09:08am

Editions available from:

Albert Reyes
Andrew Foster
Ben Eine
Carl Rauschenbach
Carlos Gonzalez
Carmen Spera
Chaz Bojorquez
Date Farmers
DeeDee Cheriel
Defer (Alex Kizu)
Doug Martin & David Caruso
Eriberto Oriol
Estevan Oriol
Gajin Fujita
Germs (Jaime Zacarias)
Gregory Siff
Herbert Siguenza
John Van Hamersveld
Logan Hicks
Mark Dean Veca
Matthew Weinberg
Mear One
Miguel Felipe
Richard Duardo
Sage Vaughn
Shepard Fairey
Sonia Romero
Speedy Graphito
Victor Reyes
& many more..

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Germs Purgatory Mary print | Modern Multiples

August 03 2010 . 04:37am

Germs latest mixed media print, Purgatory Mary, is a fine art giclee foundation with 4 silkscreen colors laid on top including a high gloss coating and 3 hand painted separations. Dimensions are 23″ x 46″.

Jaime is an LA native and dear friend of Modern Multiples. He is a genuinely positive and gifted artist who seems to be channeling the great spirits of our surrealist predecessors, while simultaneously slapping our eyeballs in the face with his infamous allusions to the LA/Chicano culture. He is known for his Luchador masks brought to life by their protruding tentacles and floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers’ imaginations. I find myself mesmerized by the seemingly infinite details and borderline infectious behaviors of each character that aim to transform and challenge the icons we know so well. Each painting is admirable and a true labor of love.

Jaime was born and raised in South Central LA amidst the violence and chaos of gang culture that left an indelible mark on him creatively. He’s admitted to seeing lots of violence, drug abuse and ignorance that has undeniably contributed to the growth of his beliefs in the importance of creation. His work is a reflection of positivity born out of a culture of destruction.

Now, we have been dying to work with GERMS on an edition for quite some time (we just adore him!). But because his work is so incredibly detailed and painterly we decided to print the foundation image as an archival gicleé which we then elaborated upon by printing a silkscreen varnish (making the colors more vibrant and -dare I say- seductive). GERMS then came into the studio to do some serious work on 3 silkscreen stencils which we printed by hand atop the varnish to complete this truly unique edition.

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Artshows This Weekend

September 10 2008 . 12:03am


“Ghost in the Machine”

Frank Pictues Gallery, Bergamont Station
Opening Reception September 14th 2008
6:30-9:30 pm

Melly Trochez was born in Los Angeles, California in 1978. At a young age of 29, the prolific artist has already reached several ambitious markers in her career. Her paintings are sought by major museums and private collections nation wide. She has exhibited in over 30 established galleries and a few museums including the De Young Museum in San Francisco and the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in California. Frank Pictures Gallery at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica hosted Melly’s first solo exhibition self titled one year ago. Proved a success, the gallery will host her second solo titled “Ghost in the Machine”. This exhibition will show a comprehensive body of work that expresses the interest to share her personal philosophies on art, life and spirituality.

“The Ghost in the Machine” refers to the clash between the human soul and the external forces that influence the journey to spiritual liberation. From early cave paintings to ancient Egypt, to Renaissance paintings art has managed to report current ideologies of its time. What makes the work of Melly Trochez so uniquely compelling because not only is she currently undertaking this colossal journey but she is also willing to share the intimate process of self- discovery with her audience. Many of her works are significantly timely in that they reflect the current state of humanity who hunger for spirituality and are hindered by media oppression and commercialism. Although uplifting and delicately passionate, her paintings are also a commentary on pop culture, where quick, easy and instantly gratifying solutions are offered to complex spiritual dilemmas. They comment on the destruction of culture and identity while also raising questions regarding the harmony between human desire and spiritual awakening. That is, how can humanity live sincerely and genuinely within the confining influence of the machine? Most importantly, how can humanity salvage the ghost from corruption and decay? These conflicting dilemmas permeate throughout her works with the sole purpose of initiating dialogue within the inner ghosts of her audience., Frank Pictures Gallery




New Infections By Germs, Tropico De Nopal. Sept 13th,




01 Gallery is proud to present “Blackwater Babylon” by Michael Knowlton. Michael Knowlton is an artist involved in the lowbrow art scene, is a writer for Juxtapoz Magazine, and an early exhibitor in Zero One Gallery. This will be his 6th solo show at the gallery!!

His recent paintings are politically charged comments on current events; including the war in Iraq. He was inspired by news broadcasts on TV and in newspapers, photojournalistic scenes, and the artist’s unique narrative.

Michael Knowlton explains that the Blackwater Babylon paintings “try to express [his] frustration at the squandering of resources, lives, and future for what it seems to be a business deal that will leave us vulnerable and uner-armed if a real threat occurs. The mercenaries in these pictures are fictitious, but no more a lie than any told in Washington,” -Michael Knowlton.

After Party
@ La Cita

The Undisputed Champions after party at La Cita was such a great success that we decided to do it again!

Please join us at La Cita , 336 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90013, for the after party. A VIP pass will be handed out at the opening for a reduced admission, just $5!

01 Gallery will take over the back patio once again from 10-2 am. If you missed it last time, don’t miss it again!

01 Gallery
@ the Barker Block

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February 08 2007 . 06:42pm

If you’ve had an encounter with Brim, please leave a comment with your recollection of your fateful day with Brim!

Brimstone & Germs on Melrose….

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