The Seventh Day Project x TSL Films x The Seventh Letter x Known Gallery

April 04 2007 . 02:31pm

So lately we’ve been extremely busy to say the least. We started filming for both The Seventh Day Project and our documentary on Letters First. This week we sat down with Mr. Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, Trevelin, Saber, Risky, Pat Tenore, Conan Hayes, Alexis Ross, Aaron Rose, Ewok, Revok, Cake & Mars Volta and many others for intimate interviews on their perspectives  on The Seventh Letter and Letters First movement, as well as their views on many different things in life. On top of that we’re filmed Revok, Risky, Rime, Sever, Ruets, Ewok and Dmote time doing time lapsed pieces from beginning to end for The Seventh Day Projects.

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