Jarritos Flavor City 2010 video

July 28 2010 . 04:20am

The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk and Jarritos seem to go hand in hand, as the perfect opportunity to showcase the "Flavor City" art submissions amongst a thriving Angeleno audience.

On July 8, 2010, the artists and judges came together in one room to celebrate the announcement of the winners and runners up at the Bang Gallery. Thousands of patrons strolled through the gallery, grabbed a cup of Jarritos and listened to the latest spins of LA’s top Djs.

Directed, Shot and Edited by: Evan Romoff

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Evidence and Alchemist shopping at Amoeba

May 26 2009 . 03:19pm

Flimed by: Evan Romoff of TSL FILMS

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Evan Romoff | Custom Made | The Lost Weekend “Sunday Money”

March 25 2009 . 08:56pm

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The Seventh Day Project – Krush

December 07 2008 . 04:58am

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The Seventh Day Project – Evol

November 07 2008 . 10:45pm

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