Barbara Kruger | “Early Works”, at Skarstedt London

February 19 2015 . 09:28pm

Futura Bold’ may have been popularized by a certain Lafayette Street store, but it’s legendary artist Barbara Kruger who deserves the aesthetic credit. Skarstedt Gallery in London will highlight the American artist’s initial work for a new generation with the Barbara Kruger: Early Works exhibition. These works, drawn chiefly from the 1980′s, center in on Kruger’s striking photography coupled with Kruger’s meticulously choice, sometimes scathing text commentary. A fitting challenge of American – perhaps now global – consumerist culture, head down to Skarstedt Gallery in London before the exhibition wraps on April 11.

Skarstedt London
23 Old Bond Street
London, W1S 4PZ
United Kingdom

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