SELF EST | Dmote, Roid, Horfe, Sofles, Jeff Canham and Ben Barretto

December 12 2011 . 06:51pm

Contemporary Art From Outside The Institution
curated by Joseph Allen Shea & Marty Routledge

Music by: Dead Beat Band – ‘Pony’
Video produced by

Self Est is a four day art event exploring contemporary art from alternative backgrounds. This first installment of Self Est (short for Self Established) investigates the study of letterforms and pavement-based education. Self Est presents art created outside the traditional academy that has infiltrated the institution.

These art forms may be self-taught, intuitive or born from marginal activities such as commercial art, graffiti or skateboarding. Taking motivation from these auxiliary artistic pursuits these artists bring unconventional and unique twists to fine art and are being recognised by galleries and institutions.

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Young and Free | Australian Street Art Exhibition opens September 10th, 2011

September 08 2011 . 04:20pm

Featuring: Anthony Lister / Kid Zoom / Dabs & Myla / Dmote / New2 / Ben Frost / Meggs / Ha-Ha / Reka / Rone / Sofles / Vexta

941 Geary St.
San Francisco, CA

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Ironlak Team Australia | NEW YORK CITY 2010 – Part Two

November 08 2010 . 03:30am

The second and final video to highlight the Australian Ironlak Team’s visit to the Big Apple. This time the team meet up with Bio of the Tats Cru and Koso (Italy) for a wall in the South Bronx.

Thanks: Bio, Koso, Dmote, Nicer and the rest of the Tats Cru.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw / 

Cut: Selina Miles

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The graffiti event of the century – MEGARAMPAGE | Clash of the Titans

October 06 2009 . 05:30am

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August 11 2008 . 07:52pm

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