August 07 2012 . 07:07pm

DIVISON C/F Featuring CHAZ BOJORQUEZ at AGENDA Show Summer 2012.
Find out more at: DIVISIONFOUNDRY.com / AGENDASHOW.com

Filmed and Edited by Zane Meyer

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Division Creative Foundry x End Mural Moratorium

October 05 2011 . 09:23pm

Division Creative Foundry is proud to be a part of the struggle to free public art.
When we first heard there was a moratorium on public art, we were genuinely confused.
Why would the city intentionally block artists from doing there craft which serves the community and also provides a living for the artists involved. Seems like a win-win. I’ve heard time and time again from city officials stating that [graffiti] artists should focus their talents in legal ways and when they do, the city, to spite them, does everything in it’s power to stop them from doing so.  They harass artists and building owners threatening them with fines.  Being that Los Angeles is known as the “Mural capital of the World”, it seems to us extremely important to protect that creative heritage.  We at Division consider ourselves part of the Seventh Letter family, so to help our brothers out we’ve created this image to help in the fight against the unconstitutional moratorium on public art.  We’d like to thank Eklips and Saber for inviting us to be a part of this important struggle to free the arts.

Division Creative Foundry

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