Divine Styler | Architectonic | Gamma Proforma

February 19 2015 . 09:42pm

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EXTRA TV | Neff & The Seventh Letter Present: Sesame Street at Known Gallery

May 03 2012 . 08:03am

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Neff & The Seventh Letter Present: Sesame Street at Known Gallery official video

May 02 2012 . 10:35pm

Neff Headwear and The Seventh Letter collaborate to bring the Sesame Street Art Show. A one of a kind art presentation bringing together 40 of the best street artists from around the world creating works of art inspired by their favorite Sesame Street characters. The show was held at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles, California. A portion of the proceeds benefited City of Hope Department of Pediatrics.

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Divine Styler and Miister Sandman | War Machine Prototype exclusive interview

November 02 2011 . 03:58am

Divine Styler and Miister Sandman | War Machine Prototype

The Seventh Letter: How did you guys end up coming together for this project?

Miister Sandman: It started out as just a random telephone conversation. I think I was calling to vent to Divine about some music shit and he mentioned he had a set up to record and that he would track me if I just wanted to rhyme. I went to his house to hear
some beats and one thing lead to two and here we are. War Machine Prototype.

The Seventh Letter: Who is Divine Styler ?

Divine Styler: To most an enigma, weirdo, recluse, spiritual nut job, ill mc, and & umm oh this one is even funnier. If Divine Styler would just make the record people have been waiting for him to make & play the game he would be successful. You know, give the people what they want. Those are ideas in peoples minds of who Divine Styler is or should be. Funny thing is people don’t know what they want. 2nd, I don’t wanna do what they say I should.
3rd, I’m already successful by my standard. Oh and how about this, I could care less. My expression through the art form of music has always been honest. To me what more could a person aspire for. Honest expression is hard to achieve in this world.

The Seventh Letter: What would you ask Divine Styler if you ever had the chance to sit down and have yerba matte with

Divine Styler: There would be nothing that I would ask myself if I had a chance to be outside of me. I would eventually realize that this is a purely an illusion or that one of me is a doppelganger & at that point there will be no questions about yerba matte. My action would be to eliminate the doppelganger.

The Seventh Letter: How would you describe your sound & what is a war machine prototype?

Miister Sandman: Our sound. Evolution. The sound of a Boa Constrictor shedding skin. Cosmic warfare. The Devil’s Game Room. A WMP an experimental construction designed to reformat the frequency data in the main frame of the ultimate machine that is America. WMP is The revolt.

Divine Styler: For me the war machine is the western democratic industrial power structure that has taken hold of the planet & has inverted human beings in on themselves, and confused us as to who we are. Now as the machine begins to devour itself from the root, we can awaken within the machine that we’ve become and then consciously & collectively choose to reconfigure the mechanism to the peoples needs. At that point the machine is in service to others & not service to self. This is not impossibleā€¦

The Seventh Letter: How do you feel about the evolution of what used to be the art of sharing knowledge, aka hip hop?

Divine Styler: I think the art form of hip hop like everything on earth at the moment is a reflection of the human dilemma. I don’t think theres enough actual art, variation & color in music. The art aspect has been over thrown by gun clappers, Bentleys & dudes who like making money rain and posturing of the latest fads & fame jackers. A lot of what is called Hip Hop or rap today is low expectation having rappers glorifying the never ending party, unlimited amounts of cash & lots of dark sunglass wearing at night. There’s minimal creativity, social conversation & the sharing of knowledge. 3 elements which are strong indigenous traditions in all music forms. These things are pretty much extinct now days but necessary components. Don’t get me wrong though, there is good music out there, but it just doesn’t make it to the listener. The negative bullshit makes more noise than the non negative. It’s like the news, you’ll never hear anything good that people are doing in the world on the news because we’re taught that if it’s not dangerously exciting or someones personal misfortune, it’s not worth reporting. And because of the imbalance true artist are beginning to take the the power into there own hands an push various creative agendas without the permission of the machine, which is slowly creating a balance.

The Seventh Letter: Miister Sandman can you give us a little bit of history on your mc origin and Styles of Beyond affiliation? Are we gonna hear more music from you guys in the near future & any collabs?

Miister Sandman: I was infected early in life. I began to use rhyme as a channel, circa 1993. I met the members of S.O.B./Styles Of Beyond around that time & individually brought them together. We were the best of the best in our areas and peer groups. We all influenced one another heavily. I have committed myself to the WMP program and will carry out any collabs that make sense.

The Seventh Letter: Divine Styler, can you please explain the phrase or idea WORD POWER?

Divine Styler: Word Power to me is thee ability to take five vowels, consonants, silent letters and some things called verbs, nouns etc. & attempt to translate feeling, images, moods & ideas that move through your spirit, body & mind. For me most importantly is the intent behind the word that determines what force of power will be displayed. The power can give life & take life mentally physically & spiritually.

The Seventh Letter: What is the intention of the WAR MACHINE?

Divine Styler: My intent in my section & position in the War Machine is not to create fear, but to reconfigure the machine to inform, exemplify, expand & create an alternate dialog through challenging peoples dogmatic thinking, archaic notions and preconditions about all the bullshit the world has trained us to believe is true.

The Seventh Letter: Thank you for everything!


Listen and support the War Machine Prototype at: itunes.apple.com

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Method Man talks Divine Styler at Soundset 2010

June 03 2010 . 12:59am

Find out more at: Soundsetfestival.com

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