PUSH – Divided Attention | TheHundreds.com

November 07 2010 . 04:45pm

A note from Bobby Hundreds: This is one of those shows where it’s more important to see it in person.. Divided Attention has only 1 more week left, so don’t short yourself!

Find out more at: TheHundreds.com

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PUSH – Divided Attention | partywithpanda.com

November 07 2010 . 04:59am

Opening night of Divided Attention and Work/First at Known Gallery by partywithpanda.com.

PUSH – DIVIDED ATTENTION & Carl Rauschenbach – WORKS/FIRST | Show ends November 13th, 2010

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PUSH – Divided Attention feature on arrestedmotion.com

November 05 2010 . 08:51pm

Currently on view at LA’s landmark contemporary graffiti-inspired institution Known Gallery is the monumental first solo show by Push. Dubbed “the thinking man’s graffiti artist” by LA Weekly, the self-taught Push has been hugely influenced by fellow AWR/MSK crew member, mentor, and close friend SABER (interviewed).

Push’s abstract and colorful paintings look deceptively simple, yet are nuanced and sophisticated in their execution, color palette, and look. You can tell that a lot of thought, effort, and consideration went into each and every vibrant and energetic piece. See the exhibition for yourself at Known Gallery before it closes on Nov. 23th, 2010.

Source and more show images at: arrestedmotion.com

Photos and article by Khoi Nguyen

Runs: October 23rd – November 13th, 2010

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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PUSH x Carl Rauschenbach (CR) opening | Willie T

October 24 2010 . 08:52pm

Find out more at: williet.tumblr.com

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PUSH x Carl Rauschenbach (CR) opening | Brandon Shigeta

October 24 2010 . 04:06pm

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