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February 09 2011 . 12:39am

Hello friends,
We have some very unfortunate and sad news and we need your help to solve it. Last night towards the end of our These Friends opening (after the crowds had left and we were cleaning up) someone stole a piece off the wall and bolted out the front door. It was Jason Lee’s one of a kind 8×10 Polaroid of the late Dennis Hopper. The artist is putting up a $25,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings it back to us. This is a very sentimental one of a kind piece for obvious reasons. The thief can come forward anonymously and charges won’t be pressed against him. Please get the word out and help us get Jason’s art back. You can call us 323-747-5301 or email with any information. Thanks.

P.S. This piece was not for sale, it’s extremely sentimental to Jason and he just wanted to share it with the art community by having it in the show.

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July 26 2010 . 10:41pm

Find out more at: and

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MOCA | Celebrating Dennis Hopper DOUBLE STANDARD

July 14 2010 . 05:45am

Enjoy this set of photos from the opening night celebration of DENNIS HOPPER DOUBLE STANDARD, taken Saturday July 10, 2010, at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Photos by Stephanie Keenan.


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