Risky X The Wild Ones video

October 04 2010 . 06:41pm



Thank you Mr. Dante Ross / RiskRock.com

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PRO-Keds 2010 spring line short film by Mr. DANTE ROSS

February 22 2010 . 05:25am

Written & Directed by Monihan Monihan bricolagista.com
Produced by Dante Ross danteross.com
Photographed by Jason Lewis jasonglewis.com
Lighting by James Garrett jamesgarrettphotography.com
Still Photo by Florian Böhm florianboehm.com
Styling by Annahita Kamali annahitakamali.com
Score written and performed by PhoFo Adams superswell.com


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January 11 2010 . 07:15pm

Dante Ross links up with KrudmartTV for the following video spot, living few stones un-turned in regards to Dante Ross’ involvement with streetwhere over the last 25 years. Definitely some interesting perspectives and historical notes throughout the video.

Hosted by Lance K
Directed by Nathan Peracciny
Edited by Steve Rittner

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