Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

January 03 2014 . 12:46am

POW! WOW! HAWAII 2013 from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.

Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 brought together many global talents in both graffiti and street art. This video highlights some of the amazing work produced by those involved in the experience. Pow Wow not only embraces the many styles of those artists contributing but also Hawaiian culture and people. This years festival, happening February 8th – 15th, will host both returning artists and those new to the project for an incredible line-up.
Give yourself a moment to visit: powwowhawaii.com

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DABS & MYLA | Moonlight Fantasy & Good Times prints

June 30 2013 . 07:50pm


Moonlight Fantasy & Good Times prints
7 color screen print, size 43 x 61cm.
Printed on 300gsm, high quality cotton art paper.
Edition: 150 prints.
Signed and numbered by the artists.
Price: £100. and available at: handmadeposters.com

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DABS MYLA in their hometown of Melbourne | DOUBLE FEATURE

April 25 2013 . 03:02am

Find out more at: dabsmyla.wordpress.com

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Pow Wow Hawaii teasers from Brandon Shigeta

February 13 2013 . 08:46pm

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Find out more at: powwowhawaii.com

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DABS MYLA – ALL GOOD THINGS | The Metro Gallery in Melbourne

February 06 2013 . 03:31am

Find out more at: DabsMyla.com

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