HAZE | Nike / 2012 Olympics / 21M Installation

August 12 2012 . 07:19pm

A project I have been developing with Nike in honor of the 2012 Olympics opened last Friday,
after completing the final installation at their 21 Mercer St. flagship store in Soho…

The first component of the project involved creating a modular painting system, originally based on a flag,
which also took it’s cues from a number of historical symbols from basketball, track and field.
Using 2’ x 2’ individual icons, I created a 8’ x 16’ master painting,
which then breaks down into various configurations both with and without the letters USA.
The original artwork was conceived for use in global retail installations throughout this summer,
with the actual painting intended to be reconfigured site specifically for the window of the 21 Mercer St. store.

Then following up on the original flag concept,
I introduced color with the production of a large hand painted canvas of my take on the American flag.
Then last week I also painted a mural on the store’s main south wall in free flowing india ink,
using a more condensed and imperfect style to create contrast with the other more controlled works.

We also set up stop motion cameras in my studio for 5 days of production,
as well as during the installation of the interior wall painting.
The first video is on rotation now in the Mercer St. store,
and both will be released globally during the course of the Olympics soon.

Enjoy : HAZE

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Eric HAZE x The Standard Hotel

May 04 2011 . 11:52pm

With all the painting and installations going on around downtown LA last month,
I was psyched to have a mural project of my own lined up in the neighborhood too…

Since creating a t-shirt for The Standard hotel a few years ago,
I have been interested in participating more in their growing art and product programs.
so when the opportunity came up to take my turn at bat on their 40’ mural space outside the downtown branch,
I was all over it…especially since we were able to coordinate doing it while I would be out there for the museum show anyway.

At 40’ x 6’, I thought the wall was an ideal dimension for the kind of painting which calls for a full stroke top to bottom,
the same way we would have approached a T2B on a train car from a platform or catwalk back in the day…
I also thought it would be a good place to start working with a combination of spray paint and traditional brush,
looking to conceptually fuse together different references through the juxtaposition of technique and materials.

Armed with a few boxes of spray paint that Risky, Matt and Reudi blessed me with from the LA Montana Store,
plus an 6” wide brush and gallon of black exterior acrylic that I shipped out from Crest Hardware in BK…
I jumped on a scizzor lift for couple of days to knock out the artwork I had mocked up on a photograph ahead of time.
After drawing the first outlines in spray, I sprayed in the color backgrounds while my man CR cut back the white with brush and roller,
then I came back with brushes for the main black stroke and white date and signature.

It felt good flexing a few old muscles and working on this scale with spray paint again,
the acrylic laid down over it nice and smoothly too…
and considering the theme of the moment,
it was cool to get outside and actually do some “art in the streets” while I was in LA too.


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PUSH – Divided Attention | TheHundreds.com

November 07 2010 . 04:45pm

A note from Bobby Hundreds: This is one of those shows where it’s more important to see it in person.. Divided Attention has only 1 more week left, so don’t short yourself!

Find out more at: TheHundreds.com

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PUSH – Divided Attention feature on arrestedmotion.com

November 05 2010 . 08:51pm

Currently on view at LA’s landmark contemporary graffiti-inspired institution Known Gallery is the monumental first solo show by Push. Dubbed “the thinking man’s graffiti artist” by LA Weekly, the self-taught Push has been hugely influenced by fellow AWR/MSK crew member, mentor, and close friend SABER (interviewed).

Push’s abstract and colorful paintings look deceptively simple, yet are nuanced and sophisticated in their execution, color palette, and look. You can tell that a lot of thought, effort, and consideration went into each and every vibrant and energetic piece. See the exhibition for yourself at Known Gallery before it closes on Nov. 23th, 2010.

Source and more show images at: arrestedmotion.com

Photos and article by Khoi Nguyen

Runs: October 23rd – November 13th, 2010

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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PUSH x Carl Rauschenbach (CR) opening | Willie T

October 24 2010 . 08:52pm

Find out more at: williet.tumblr.com

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