Pose, Vizie, and Steel | Asia Tour Part One: Bangkok | LRG Artist Driven

April 30 2012 . 12:27am

Three of the world’s top graffiti artists, Pose, Vizie, and Steel of the LRG Artist Driven team head out on an Asian tour in search of inspiration with their eyes and minds wide open, documented in two mini documentaries by KC Ortiz and Dylan Maddux.
First stop; Bangkok, where the team hooks up and collaborates with local artists Chip7/D30, Cyder/MSK, P7 and are shown the town by Leo Chuves and DJ NP from Mighty One, Wei, Day, and Kahn from Thaitanium and the Bangkok Invaders crew with DJ Buddha and team for an intense three and a half days in the Thai capital city.

In May part two of the LRG Artist Driven Asia Tour takes the team east to Hong Kong as they continue their search for new influences, illuminations, and insights.


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More CIDER MSK in Thailand

August 11 2009 . 03:45am

Click photos for large format view

This spot is the BEST SPOT in Bangkok, better yet THAILAND! It is right in the heart of downtown Bangkok and it’s a spot everybody wanted to hit! As you can see the spot is right at the busiest intersection of all Bangkok. 8 years ago, I got in a graffiti trouble at the spot, 8 years later…I killed the spot!

Mad Society King!



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PMT Crew Exhibit in Thailand | CIDER MSK

August 06 2009 . 03:48am

A group show I had out here in Bangkok with my Thai Graff Crew: PMT (POR MUENG TAI meaning "YOUR FATHER IS DEAD!!!" KILL THE SEED MAKER) I started this crew back in the winter of 1999; it has been making a lot of noise here in THAILAND & ASIA ever since. Here is just a small handful of the crew.


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CIDER MSK in Bangkok

July 20 2009 . 02:49am

That tall-ass building behind the silver is a massage parlor. Believe it or not…it is like a hotel. The spot is called COLONZE 4… owner is so rich they got like 4 to 5 mega branches around Bangkok. Again the spot is on of the busiest street of Bangkok, RAMA 9. To the side of it is like a grimey ass club called DA VINCI. Check out the architectural structure of it. Funny futuristic. Hope all is well! Peaceout!


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CIDER MSK in Bangkok, Thailand

June 29 2009 . 04:42pm

This spot is located near the main train station over by the freeway exit. Mad traffic at all times. Bangkok, Thailand.

As you can see, the spot is close to the entrance of the MRT which is Bangkok’s Metropolitan Rapid Transport. This station is over on the strip where there is mad massage parlour redlight district areas in which services provided by women in this hood is 100% LEGIT and it starts out at US-$37 to US-$200. Come see for yourself! MSKiSM boyeeeee!!!!!!!!!


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