Free REVOK by BASK | 1xRUN print available now

May 10 2011 . 02:00pm

"This piece, titled FREE REVOK is inspired by the current arrest of one of the most influential graffiti writers to ever pick up a can. As a fan and colleague, my respect for REVOK compelled me to action. 100% of the sales of the prints of this piece as well as the piece itself will be donated to Revoks legal troubles." – BASK

All prints are Signed & Numbered by the Artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from 1xRUN.

15 x 15.5 inch Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper and available at:

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December 01 2010 . 12:12pm

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Juxtapoz Magazine: Last Night’s Scene: Blue Print for Space

December 04 2009 . 03:37am

The word is electric. Last night’s premiere opening of Blue Print for Space, the newest gallery addition to the annual Primary Flight mural commissioning in Miami, was like an Oscar showing for urban art.

Upon walking up to Blue Print, we were immediately inundated by familiar faces. Mac, Retna, Revok, Augor, Nick Walker, Reyes, SheKillsHe, and many more were in the house.

Curated by BOOkSIIII, the event featured murals and wall pieces by Bask, Augor, Blackbooks, C215, Chris Stain, D*Face, El Mac, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Retna, Reyes, Revok, SheKillsHe, Jeff Soto, Tes One, Typoe, Zevs, and others.

With an open bar, movin’ beats, and a packed house, it’s safe to say Blue Print was the space to be last night. The exhibit will remain open to the public through January 2nd, 2010 at Art Center, 800 Lincoln Road in Miami.

Crowds lined up outside

The whole crew inside: Mac, Nick Walker, Retna, Augor

Palm tree-lined outdoor area

Don’t mess with the boar’s head

BOOkSIIII and wife, Cristina

Checkin out the work

Augor wasn’t sure which way was up

El Mac and Nick Walker

Mac’s piece

Bask’s massive Dobra Den

Click Clack, Bang Bang

The Miami humidity was in full effect, inside and out

Tes One and Jeff Soto pieces

Keeping the beats moving

Beats by Dr Dre headphones, customized by Retna and Tes One. Each artist was asked to customize a pair of these sweet headphones to be auctioned off for charity. We tried to get our hands on a pair, but charity is for charity!

Piece by Retna

The artists honored

Typoe’s I Would Be Like Jesus

Revok made it out of jail (for the second time in a month) with the help of “a really good lawyer.” Good to see him out and about in Miami.

Hats off!

Shepard Fairey wall seen on our way to the after party…more on that soon.


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Primary Flight | Art Basel 2009

October 10 2009 . 01:44pm

Notable participating artists have included Augor, Bask, Blek Le Rat, Boxi, David Choe, Crome, Cycle, Michael De
Feo, Dare, Depoe, Dolla, Ellis G, El Mac, Ewok, Frerk, Logan Hicks, Andy Howell, Kofie, Lady Pink, The London
Police, MSG, Kenton Parker, Retna, Revok, Reyes, Risk, Santiago Rubino, She Kills He, Chris Stain, TCP, Tes One,
Typoe, WK Interact, Marc C. Woehr and Agustina Woodgate. Primary Flight is a launch pad for some Street Artists,
and a homecoming for others, such as Shepherd Fairey and Ron English, both of whom transitioned from Street Art
to the Fine Art arena.
Find out more at:

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