Brothaz Bent – Up From The Desert x Letters First Limited Edition release

July 01 2007 . 06:51am

Find out more at: Brothaz Bent
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June 14 2007 . 03:43pm

Hello Peoples! Eklips here. Check it, we’ve been so damn busy preparing for this Letters First Barcelona trip its not even funny. We did some really dope stuff for this show like, 120 custom 1 gallon paint bucket invites for our VIP’s that are filled with LF tshirts, DJ Ice Letters First volume 3 mixtapes, Stormie’s AWR & MSK limited edition vinyl toys, TSL/RVCA tshirts, TSL Sharpie markers, stickers from a gang of artists in the show and their companies, OBEY money, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We’re going to upload a bunch of pics of new stuff we’re doing in the next day or two. Check these limited edition sketch books for now..


Other news:
THE SEVENTH LETTER issue of JUXTAPOZ just dropped today! I haven’t seen it yet, but my friend Josh at REBEL8 told me it’s dope!
-I just received our 42 airplane tickets to Barcelona, all on the same plane leaving LAX. (That will be interesting)
-Push and I  just finished building the custom carrying cases for the paintings.
-Dj Ice and Japson just finished the new Letters First Barcelona mixtape volume 3 and I just sent off the artwork to the printers.
-Young Kay just finished 8 more pieces for TSL Armor and is doing the sickest limited edition Letters First piece ever! is up a running to the public.
TSL Films crew is working on the new TSDP and getting ready to document this entire Barcelona trip.
Shit, I’m tired and I gotta go pick up Young Sav’s passport in Westwood… More soon… The Tryflin Eklips One
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June 01 2007 . 11:31pm

The Seventh Letter Crew is getting ready for the "Letters First" art show next month in Barcelona, Spain.  In the coming weeks we’ll be posting news and info as we prepare for the tour.  We are also in the process of  revamping  Known Gallery, the new site is set to launch this month. Also, get ready for THE SEVENTH DAY PROJECT on 06-07-2007!

We got major stuff going down in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!!

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