New Known Gallery artist | Askew

March 07 2009 . 01:05am

I was born in 1979 in Palmerston North, New Zealand, but from 1984 have been based in the inner city suburbs of Auckland. The move from small town to big city was key in shaping the course of my life and mode of expression. Growing up amidst the initial explosion of Hip Hop in New Zealand, I experienced a childhood set against a backdrop of graffiti and the vibrancy of Polynesian culture. With no formal training to speak of, I have always strived to be one of the driving forces within the New Zealand writing scene. At a face value level my progression in Style-Painting and ability to work within the parameters of New York graffiti foundations – adding and evolving with time – has had a visible impact on the general aesthetic of the local scene. I have always considered myself a ‘Bigger-Picture’ person and have constantly engaged myself in projects that have brought significant attention to the graffiti artists of New Zealand. Writing has allowed me to travel and paint in many exciting places including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Basel, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, New York, and Los Angeles, not to mention throughout my own country.

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