Askew One new print release | 2 Colorways 24 edition

January 21 2011 . 07:34pm

Find out more at: /

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ONLY TIME WILL TELL production final photo | Brandon Scales

January 02 2011 . 08:18pm

Click photo for x-large format view

I’ve captured the amazing new mural "only time will tell" as a 30 inch wide panorama stitched from 51 individual images and best yet, theres no cars parked in front of the wall.
Brandon Scales

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ONLY TIME WILL TELL production | Los Angeles

December 16 2010 . 04:24am

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ONLY TIME WILL TELL production | Los Angeles: Revok, Rime, Askew, Deus, Vans, Score, Dabs & Myla and Witnes.

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Askew One x Deus | Bliss N Eso video

November 04 2010 . 05:30pm

After 3 months in making, Bliss N Eso return with the highly anticipated clip for Addicted! The moving graffiti in the clip is animated entirely in stop motion using over 2,200 photos.

The clip was shot in a warehouse in West Auckland (NZ) which was previously the headquarters for bikie crew "Headhunters". It features artwork from world-famous graff writers Askew One and Deus, who spent 6 days straight working their way around the warehouse and used over 300 cans of paint.

A big shout out to the Fish n Clips crew who helped make this concept come to reality. Addicted was directed by James Solomon and shot by Marty Williams with help from Dan Monaham and Clint, and was produced by Sam Momeny and Jessie Gurunathan. Post by Nathan Pickles and Mike Robinson.

Askew One

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ASKEW visits the Los Angeles crew | Video

November 02 2010 . 09:15pm

This is the last video from my trip to the US during the summer. It’s in two parts: the first features the wall I painted with Revok, Rime and Saber in Highland park. The last time we painted there in 2008 – we had some drama, which Saber speaks about in the revised version of his book. Between then and now the area has changed a bit as the once vacant lot facing the wall has become a community garden. This has truly changed the atmosphere around there considerably. On this wall we exchanged names as well just to make it more challenging for ourselves.

The second park features our spur of the moment road trip to San Francisco. This was my first time visiting SF, a place that was strangely reminiscent of home – especially the Kauri floors inside the weatherboard houses. The wall features Steel, Rime, Revok, Lango and myself.


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