March 01 2012 . 09:42am

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Great new murals around the world

October 17 2011 . 08:30pm

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July 13 2011 . 05:21pm

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Only Time Will Tell video

July 02 2011 . 04:24pm


Revok tells the story of the wall:

"I just finished a wall in LA with Rime, Askew and Deus from Auckland, Vans from Australia, Score from Berlin, Dabs & Myla, and Witnes…

"Instead of the typical bullshit, everyone decided on the phrase ‘Only time will tell’ with the wall being divided into four sections, with each section representing a change of season… Using that as a starting point, everybody built on that and went in their own direction, some of us getting dumber and more retarded than others.

"The assignment went as follows… VANS/ RIME/WITNES; Winter, with VANS on letter detail painting the phrase ‘ONLY’.

"DABS/MYLA/SCORE; Spring, With SCORE on letter detail painting ‘TIME’.

"REVOK/RIME; Summer, REVOK on letter/background detail painting ‘WILL’

"ASKEW/DEUS; Fall, ASKEW on letter detail painting ‘TELL’.

"I’m pretty proud of the outcome, as I’m sure so is everyone else involved… There are a lot of stupid little details and jokes throughout the wall we all had a lot of laughs coming up with both intentionally and by accident.

"A big thanks to ASKEW for shooting the final shot and putting in the labor stiching it all together." -Revok.

Here’s Rime’s account of the "stupid little details";

Dysfunctional points of interest:

* Coked up Charlie Bronson Yeti saying “AAAAARRRGGGHHHH” to a timid young chick.
* Santa says yes to 4LOKO.
* Jesus turning tranny was unintentional. The legs were on the wall first. Intended to come randomly from behind the “Will” piece. Later I sketched up Jesus chillin’ at the beach. Revok said I sketched it too small and too far over to the left. I ended up buffing the first Jesus sketch out and painted it larger and more to the right. It took us a good two hours before we connected the possibility that the legs could be Jesus’s. Tired and late as fuck we laughed about it and embraced the idea… Fuckin’ Tranny Jesus!"

Music Credits:
Jesus I was evil by Darcy Clay
The Flame by Black Keys
Numb by Portishead

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SEVER, EWOK and friends travel through Israel

June 09 2011 . 06:43pm

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