Brooklyn Museum cancels Art in the Streets

June 21 2011 . 07:27pm

I am writing with the unfortunate news the Brooklyn Museum must withdraw as the second venue for "Art in the Streets." I asked our curator, Sharon Matt Atkins, for your email address so that you might hear this news directly from me.
As I hope you know, we have all been tremendously enthusiastic about this exhibition from the very beginning,  and we applaud LA MOCA for organizing such a groundbreaking project bringing the important history of graffiti and street art to a broad public. In Brooklyn, we saw it as an appropriate next exhibition for us after our Jean-Michel Basquiat and graffiti exhibitions in 2005 and 2006, respectively.
We regret that we are now in the position of withdrawing from this project. We have already and will continue to face severe reductions in financial support that require the Museum to make very tough decisions in light of the challenges facing us in the coming fiscal year. With no major funding in place, we cannot move ahead.
I know I speak for Sharon as well in expressing our regret that we will not be able to move ahead with presenting "Art in the Streets." We have the utmost respect for your work, and I hope we will find other opportunities to collaborate in the future.
Every best wish

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REVOK x Levi’s x MOCA Trucker Jacket available now

June 18 2011 . 08:40pm

Levi’s x MOCA Trucker Jacket featuring artwork by REVOK
Available this Saturday, 6/18 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA and online at:

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RISK x CASSIE x VIBE Magazine – Art in the Streets

June 04 2011 . 07:24pm

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MOCA – Art in the Streets installation photos | Noah Banks

May 26 2011 . 05:13pm

Here’s a sick reel for Noah Banks to go along with these great pics from the MOCA – Art in the Streets installation. Enjoy.



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REVOK | First person ever to tag the cover of The Wall Street Journal

May 26 2011 . 03:49pm

REVOK is the first person in history to ever tag the cover of The Wall Street Journal. The best part is that he did it from a jail cell.

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