STRAYE presents JEAN ROUGERON | American Dream

September 27 2014 . 01:05pm



Photographer, director and artist from the film festival city of Cannes on the French Riviera in France, was born in 1952 and trained in professional photography and film direction at a private photography and film school in Switzerland.
Soon after launching his career in photography, Jean landed a job with France Soir newspaper, photographing up and coming stars, and then Sygma international press agency, the largest press agency in the world at the time, in Paris. In the early 70’s, he was sent to Africa, where violent wars had broken out in Ethiopia and Chad. His photographs were published in every major international news publication, time magazine, being one example.
From the late-seventies through the nineties, Jean combined his admiration for beautiful women, travel and photography and became one of the best and most well known, erotic photographers.
In the early 80’s Jean signed a contract with European editions of Playboy Magazine. Publishers all over the world, including Japan, appreciated Jean Rougeron’s work and named him the best erotic photographer in the world three years consecutively! Unusually bright colors and exotic, luxurious locations are Jean’s trademark!
Always interested in art, painting, collage, and décor, in the nineties, Jean developed his own art technique, he named “diopaint”, a word combining the French word diopositive, (slide), and paint. He starts with a slide, which is shot at different speeds and develops in various ways. Then comes the delicate work of manipulation of the negative. He also paints directly on the slide with a secret mixture, (not to be confused with other artists who paint on photographs), then prints the final image onto museum quality, archival photo paper guaranteed for 200 years!
Jean was the first to produce erotic magazine videos for international distribution and Playboy cable TV. Jean has and continues to direct full feature films and tv shows.

413 South Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 936-0290

Show opens September 27, 2014 | 8-11pm

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Victor Reyes & Dylan Maddux opening night |

September 29 2010 . 04:47pm

Thank you:

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Preview of Victor Reyes and Dylan Maddux show | Yuri Hasegawa

September 24 2010 . 05:15pm

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New works by Victor Reyes and Dylan Maddux at Known Gallery

September 18 2010 . 03:37pm

The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery are proud to present new works by Victor Reyes and Dylan Maddux.

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Opening September 25th, 2010 | 8-11pm
Runs September 25th – October 16th, 2010


War Paint’ is a visual commentary on the journey from Victor Reyes’ Southern California roots to present day and encapsulates his sentiments about Graffiti as a medium and a vehicle for artists. A process distilled over the last decade, these conceptual and literal images are a survey of the artist’s feelings about the potential of his community and the hidden meaning of the writing on the wall.

Victor Reyes has been painting since the early 90s; his work has been shown extensively around the world, in Bosnia, Germany, Switzerland, Taipei, Japan, and Miami. Recent shows include MISSPELLED at Robert Berman E6 Gallery San Francisco, Flight at Miami Art Basel 2009, Public Provocations at Carhartt Projects in Germany 2009, Will Rise at Robert Berman Gallery Los Angeles, and Letters First, a traveling show in Los Angeles/Tokyo/Seoul/Barcelona 2006-2008.


Dylan Maddux has been a photographer for ten years and is now segueing into music videos. Born in Santa Monica, Dylan moved to Northern California when he was eight. He first put his hands on a camera after high school graduation and working on ski lifts at Lake Tahoe. After shooting snow boarders for fun and profit he went to San Francisco City College to study photography. In his second year, an instructor convinced him to leave the program early because he was getting so much work. His edgy original images lead to work with San Francisco’s street fashion lines. His work has been shown in Yerba Buena Center of Arts, 5024 SF Gallery, 111 Minna, and FTC Japan. 
Dylan’s love of travel and challenging locations have taken him to numerous assignments in over a dozen countries. In March, he directed and shot his first music video by JBoog featuring Richie Spice in Kingston, Jamaica. “A sketchy ass place for a short white guy takin’ shots in the musical ghettos. I loved the place and the people.”
“So what’s the deal with the Known Gallery show?”
 “The American Dream Project is in line with where I’m at in my life…it’s one of chaos and mayhem. The motivation was cash and gorgeous women. I loved every moment of it, although it wasn’t the end result. Now my energies need to be redirected to a new emotion.
The shots I created for this project exemplify my life at this time and this show is intended to put a cap on that. It’s all moving fast and so should I…next stop, Bangkok.”
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Get to know DYLAN MADDUX

September 15 2010 . 08:07pm

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