ASKEW visits the Los Angeles crew | Video

November 02 2010 . 09:15pm

This is the last video from my trip to the US during the summer. It’s in two parts: the first features the wall I painted with Revok, Rime and Saber in Highland park. The last time we painted there in 2008 – we had some drama, which Saber speaks about in the revised version of his book. Between then and now the area has changed a bit as the once vacant lot facing the wall has become a community garden. This has truly changed the atmosphere around there considerably. On this wall we exchanged names as well just to make it more challenging for ourselves.

The second park features our spur of the moment road trip to San Francisco. This was my first time visiting SF, a place that was strangely reminiscent of home – especially the Kauri floors inside the weatherboard houses. The wall features Steel, Rime, Revok, Lango and myself.


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RETNA | Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

October 31 2010 . 03:52pm


When the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opens on December 15, make sure you drive to parking garage level B5. Then hit B4, B3 and B2. You’ll likely want to see the rest of the resort too, but start with the garage. Really, it’s worth a visit.

While most casino parking lots are limbo spaces—somewhere between outside and in, often skipped altogether, and for good reason—the Cosmopolitan has decided to make its garage a reflection of the resort’s overarching “we’re not for everyone” aesthetic with Wallworks, a series of murals by prominent graffiti artists on sections of garage wall. Teaming up with the New York-based nonprofit Art Production Fund, the Cosmopolitan gave each floor over to an artist—from bowels to ground level: Baltimore’s Shinique Smith, legendary New York artist Kenny Scharf, LA writer RETNA and renegade-turned-icon Shepard Fairey. Each floor’s works are totally different than the next, a product of the no-parameters approach APF and the resort took to the project.

In setting the artists loose, the Cosmopolitan managed to capture ideas rarely channeled into Strip casinos, like the spontaneity of Scharf’s freestyle landscape of smiley planes, slot machines and atomic mushroom clouds, or the political sarcasm behind Fairey’s bold, patterned work. Surely some will see these murals and be turned off, by their messages, their obliqueness or the very act of celebrating what some see as a nuisance, not an art form. To those people, I say, take another look. If that doesn’t do the trick, remember the Cosmopolitan’s simple, refreshing message that many a local resort would be loath to broadcast: We’re not for everyone. Maybe even not for you.

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Fabian x Dame x Teddy Meyer for The Seventh Letter Clothing

October 27 2010 . 06:01pm

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Video of PERSUE TSL in Shenzhen, China

August 16 2009 . 04:15pm

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RIME | Disney

April 15 2009 . 04:21pm

About a year ago, I was commissioned by Disney to rework the iconic Mickey mouse character in my own style.

Mickey Morph, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ X 72″, 2008

Hollywood, 2008

Using the work I did on canvas, and on a wall in Los Angeles, Disney was able to produce a series of products. Here are some samples of what was produced…

From: RIME

Check out RIME’s new blog to see what the master is up to next.

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