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January 17 2012 . 08:11pm

1st To Do It chronicles some of the most innovative, daring and unknown maverick’s in the fields of art, music, sports and fashion. Through arduous research, spanning the stacks at toppled libraries to unearthed microfilm, these pioneers were the first people to do things that seem quite commonplace in today’s society. 1st To Do It is an ongoing series of short documentaries that sheds a much needed light on the people who made their mark first.


Larry Lovebone

It’s often disputed in the world of graffiti just who was the first writer to put their moniker up illegally. The vanguard of American graffiti artists, including REVOK, RIME and SABER contribute to the legend of Larry Lovebone, who many art historians have disregarded and omitted from the chronicles of style-writing due to his other cultural contributions during the sexual revolution in the 1960s. In his own words, Mr. Lovebone tells the tale of his infamous tag and its origins in his ability to bed copious amounts of women from every race, culture, creed and religion.

El Santo

El Santo harnessed the power bestowed upon him by a celestial body which gave him an unbelievable grappling ability in the ring, while sacrificing his own face to the delight and horror of lucha libre enthusiasts around the world. After enjoying a career that spanned decades, the tale turned tragic as El Santo died days after removing the mask that had cemented him as a wrestling legend.

GLC Shoes On A Wire

In cities across the world shoes swing haphazardly to the rhythms of culture happenings while on electrical lines. GLC takes the audience to church as he explains why he first threw a bevy of sneakers into the air. From Samba adidas to the Air Jordan IV, there’s a science behind the action of throwing shoes on a wire.

Eddie Klepp

Grab a handful of peanuts and Cracker Jacks as the tale of Eddie Klepp unfolds. Dubbed the first and only white ballplayer to grace the endless talent pool in the Negro Leagues, Klepp has long-since been forgotten because of his struggles with the sauce and the hurdles that come along with a life full of hard living.

1st To Do it chronicles by: NoahBanks


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