Amandalynn x Goorin x 1333 Minna hat collection

April 29 2011 . 04:58pm

This is my newest piece, Ethereal Eve, which I painted as part of my own custom window display in the Haight Street Goorin Hat shop. This coming Saturday, April 30th, Goorin will be hosting two events promoting the release of the new 1333 Minna hat collection. The first event takes place at the Goorin Hat Shop on Haight Street in SF, which will then be followed up by an Art Show reception at the new Cassel Gallery at 1261 Howard St. in SF. There will be hand made, signed and numbered poster prints designed by Steel and Reyes, produced by Moon productions available at the Haight Street party, so get there early!
Artists include:
Steel, Reyes, Lango, Amandalynn, Anna Delis, Lucien Shapiro, Richard Colman, Dylan Maddux, Luke Stewart, Erik Reith, Andy Stattmiller, and special guests


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1333 Minna Fall Collection release party | Amandalynn preview

August 13 2010 . 05:26pm

This Saturday, August 14th, is the release party and art show celebrating the new 2010 Fall 1333 Minna Artist hat line. The evening begins at the Goorin hat shop on Haight Street in SF, 1446 Haight, from 4pm – 8pm. There will be music and drinks, as well as special limited edition hand printed posters designed by Steel, Reyes, and Amandalynn and printed by the extremely skilled Moon Editions printing team. Following the event will be a special art exhibition and reception at the 1333 Minna art studio, from 9pm-late. The studio is located on 1333 Minna Street in San Francisco near 14th and Mission. Hope to see you there!

Featured Artists :
Reyes, Steel, Yutaro Sakai, MQ, Amandalynn, Dylan Maddux, Lango, Luke
Stewart, Grime, George Campise, Bles, Henry Lewis, and more…

Find out more at: /

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1333 Minna Limited Edition prints

August 13 2010 . 05:21pm

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Art event & release party for 1333 Minna Artist Line

March 10 2010 . 04:40am

This coming Saturday, March 13th, 2010, Goorin will be hosting an art event and release party to celebrate the Spring 1333 Minna Artist Line. The release party starts at the Goorin Store on Haight St, San Francisco, CA from 4-8pm, with music and drinks, as well as limited edition prints. It will be followed by a special gallery reception at the 1333 Minna Studios located at 1333 Minna between 14th and 15th St, San Francisco, CA, from 9pm – late. Some of the artists included in the spring line and/or reception are:
Reyes, Steel, Yutaro Sakai, Orly Lacquao, Bert Krak, Retna, Kami, Sasu, Michael Ryan, Amandalynn, Lango, Luke Stewart, Dylan Maddux, Andy Stattmiller, and more…

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