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November 21 2011 . 10:26pm

Chicago artists Pose and KC Ortiz opened ‘White Wash’ on Thursday for a private preview ahead of Saturday’s public opening at Known Gallery. Pose dropped a new collection of work evoking the fleeting nature of street art at the hands of those looking to erase and silence it. His painted montage pieces on panel and shadowbox style acrylic sheets revive fond memories of writing, growing up with pop culture icons, and raising hell. While the crisp, flawless lines on the acrylic pieces might lead one to think ’silkscreen’, they are in fact hand-painted in reverse fashion — similar to sign-painting a storefront window. The acrylic pieces stand out amongst a strong body of new work. In addition to the solo pieces, Pose collaborated with Revok on one of his wood assemblages.

Source: dailydujour.com

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