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March 03 2009 . 09:58pm

My name is Richard J Oliver, known as Jamie. I’ve been in Lostprophets for 9 years. Before that I was an established painter in the UK for 6 years. I have a Degree in Fine Art from University of West of England, my Masters in Fine Art at Cardiff University. Had 5 solo exhibitions and loads of group exhibitions in Wales and England. Work has been collected by private and corporate clients as well as public museums, galleries and Libraries.

The visual style of my early work inspired by 2nd World War period German figurative Expressionist painters such as Max Beckmann and Otto Dix, and more directly the Scottish expressionist painters of the 80’s like Steven Campbell, Ken Currie, and Peter Howson.

The content of my early work dealt directly with the void in the Welsh culture that was left in a Post Industrial Wales and the issues the youth had dealing with their lack of identity being brought up in such a climate. The paintings were laced with visuals from the ancient Welsh folk lore called the ‘Mabinogion’.  The contrasts in the form and tonal qualities of the work spoke largely of the contrast found in the community between the scarred landscapes and skeleton like streets of the mining villages and the fresh new faces of its youth in their contemporary clothes, music and visions adopted from global tv and internet. The work describes the struggle of finding reason and a passion for and in a place that you cannot relate to and has nothing to offer, and where boredom leads to crime, vandalism, violence and drugs.

New work is a juxtaposition on old themes, mainly reflecting a new understanding of place and culture. Since relocation to the US it has taken years before I qualify to truly report objectively on my surroundings. The work currently ties together grand ideas of humanity, religion and social psychology within a community which is diverse and tends to be mostly a jostle of visitors with no original inhabitants. This is in stark contrast to Wales where 20 or more generations have lived and continue to stay in one place and village. I show this in my paintings by treating the background landscapes and the figures exactly the same, as though they are made of the same materials and are born of one another. In my new works painted in Los Angeles, I make a clear definition between the character I paint and his/her surroundings almost as though they don’t belong. Sometimes the backgrounds are way more ethereal and 2 dimension compared to my earlier works. All in all, the success of Lostprophets has aloud me the luxury of spending a little more time Painting, and I hope to develop my new work into a clear and coherent style, melding old visual style with new ideas and representations, over the next year.

I make limited edition prints of my work, including mixed media and Photography as well as designing exclusively for certain labels.

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