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May 07 2011 . 07:25pm

As a kid, and into my early teens, I was a dedicated comic book collector. Today I am an avid image collector, and news media is a primary source for much of my work. In the case of this current body of work all of my pen and ink drawings are sourced from newspaper photos from the past twelve months.

This series deals with context and media imagery as well as broader topics related to the effect media violence has on the individual and the collective conscience of western society as a whole.

My relationship to the specific events I’ve chosen to depict is one of distance. I have a second hand experience of the innumerable horrifically violent events occurring daily beyond my idyllic Northern Bay Area home.

My choice to juxtapose real world tragedies with the descriptive punctuation of comic book fantasy comments not only on my relationship to these events it also points to the effect that the saturation of media violence has on western culture in general. After a certain point there’s only so much horror and death that one can absorb, we become desensitized by necessity. The events begin to bleed together into a mass of general disaster that most must set aside in order to get on with our days and remain functional members of society.

In this work I’ve chosen to juxtapose seemingly unrelated images with the aim that the end result allows the viewer to re-absorb the gravity of the original event. My intention, by adding what seems like fluff to a very serious image, is to create a final work that shows the viewer what he already knows in a new light; making what has been seen new.

-Kellesimone Waits

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