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November 19 2011 . 07:10pm

White Wash, a new exhibition by POSE and KC Ortiz, opens at Known Gallery on November 19. I caught up with KC and asked him a couple questions about the upcoming show, and in this interview, he discusses the struggles of West Papua and Burma as well as his growth as a photographer.

How did you come up with the title and theme for your show?
The name of our show is White Wash. POSE and I came to the name through a discussion on our work and how different it is yet how similar it is at its core philosophically. I will let POSE explain his interpretation of the title, but for me, it applies to the people I have documented.

Much of the work I do covers those who have been whitewashed, so to say, by history and policy. Whitewashing pertains to censorship, conspiracy, revisionism and the cover up of truth. Specifically, the work I will be exhibiting is from West Papua and Burma. You won’t find either of those “nations” on the map. Burma has been renamed Myanmar by its ruling junta in order to establish the fantasy of a unified nation that has never in fact been unified, and West Papua has been occupied by Indonesia since 1963 after a very controversial handover from the Dutch that was orchestrated by the United States.

In this exhibition, the struggles of West Papua and Burma are unified through the theme of resistance, victimhood of whitewashing by the world at large, beauty of their people, and strength of the human spirit and dignity.

This is your second show at Known. How is this show different than your last?
I tend to think that my first show at Known was a bit of an experiment—for the gallery, the public and myself. Known really believed in my work and thought it had a place in the art world, outside the traditional outlets that my work is accustomed to, such as magazines and papers. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to take that dive as I had major concerns that it would in some way exploit the people and stories that I work on. I had long discussions with POSE, and a number of other friends in the art world, photo world and my world. I was able to get over the initial hesitance when I realized the reach and appreciation that my work can have in a gallery setting. The overall goal of what I do, after all, is to bring exposure to these issues, and any channel that presents itself should be taken advantage of. Known believes in this, they believe in my work, and they believe there is an audience for it.

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