Finished pics of Gompers Middle School

January 19 2007 . 03:21pm

Gompers Middle School, Watts, Los Angeles.

On Saturday  December 2nd  Gompers Middle School opened their campus to local and international graffiti artists. Over 32 artists showed up coming from areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Arizona, and Canada.  Many students of the school joined the effort helping the invited artists complete their walls.  Overall the project was a success.  Although some of the faculty at the school was confused as to the content of some of the artwork, most were able to accept the final product as an improvement. This is the first time this school has had an overall paint job in over 15 years.  The project was such a success that the mayor’s office offered to have all of the new "murals" covered with a graffiti-proof coating! Graffiti getting protected with a graffiti-proof coating…. Times are changing man!

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