July, 2011

Rodrigo Level | Uma Cores art show in Sao Paulo

July 29 2011 . 05:19pm

Find out more at: rodrigolevel.com

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FATE for Frank Chapter 41: The 7th letter video

July 29 2011 . 04:54pm

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Roach & Numskull | commissioned work

July 27 2011 . 08:10pm

Here’s a commissioned work by Roach & Numskull. Be on the lookout for collaborations with these guys and Known Gallery Collection coming soon.


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Vizie MSK | Artist Driven

July 27 2011 . 07:48pm

Find out more at: VizieOne.com

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REVOK, RIME and ROID | Perseverance at Known Gallery 08.20.2011

July 27 2011 . 06:19pm

Having a lot of fun working with my friends in the studio doing the work for this show… This is the first time I have ever produced this large of a body of work in one session…

I hope you’ll attend and spread the word to your friends.

Thank you,

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