September, 2009

SABER’s legendary LA River piece is now a true part of history

September 04 2009 . 05:06am

California is in a recession and can’t buy books but has money to buff the LA River.. Thank you to SABER and graffiti writers worldwide for beautifying our cities, continue the great work. Hopefully one day more people will realize how lucky they are that graffiti writers provide such great pieces of art to the world out of their pure passion for their art form.

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Plug Research Podcast: Exile Edition – Exclusives!

September 04 2009 . 03:25am

Very blessed to be sharing this podcast that Exile put together for LA based record label, Plug Research. It’s a mix comprised of exclusive instrumentals and includes plenty of exclusives from various upcoming projects, including his "Radio" remix project, the upcoming album with Fashawn, upcoming projects with Chicago based MC, ADAD, and a reintroduction to certain key pieces from Exile’s past catalogue.  

Look out for the upcoming "Radio" remix project where various producers remix certain tracks from Exile’s "Radio" album, as well as MCs getting in on some of the "Radio" instrumentals.  Remixes and features include Alchemist, Evidence, Samiyam, DJ Day, Clutchy Hopkins, Flying Lotus, Blu, and many more).

Finally, be on the lookout for the upcoming Plug Research Podcast featuring Shafiq Husayn, in support of his upcoming album, "Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka" dropping October 6th via Plug Research.  

Exile "Radio" In-Stores Now!!

Fashawn "Boy Meets World" In-Stores Oct. 20th!!

Exile "Radio" Remix Album Coming Soon!!

Plug Research Podcast: Exile Edition Link:

Direct Sendspace Link:

Podcast/Mix Tracklisting:
1. Sike (Exclusive Instrumental)
2. Vangel (Exclusive Instrumental)
3. Freedom (from Fashawn "Boy Meets Word" Inst)
4. B.A.D.B (Exclusive Instrumental)
5. Your summer song (from Exile "Radio")
6. Your summer song J mitchell remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
7. If you’re down (Exclusive Instrumental)
8. Hell Fya (Exclusive Instrumental)
9. Hey Snake (ADAD EXclusive)
10. Population Control Samiam Remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
11. Operator (non album Exile "Radio" track)
12. Were all in power Ev, Krondon, and Blame one remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
13. Its coming down Knowledge remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
14. In Love Milo Remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
15. I’ve been Dreaming of you (non album Exile "Radio" track)
16. Stay tuned Musinah Remix (from Exile "Radio" Remix project)
17. Silver Moon (from Exile "Dirty Science" LP)
18. Spitten Image/ Emanon (from Exile "Dirty Science" LP)
19. Time has come/ Slum Village (from Exile "Dirty Science" LP)
20. Fly/ blu and Exile (from Exile "Dirty Science" LP)
21. Sky (Exclusive Instrumental)
22. Stepper (Exclusive Instrumental)
23. In the night 22 (From "From LA With Love" Compilation)
24. Treat (Exclusive Instrumental)
25. FUNKD (Exclusive Instrumental)
26. Birds eye view (Exclusive Instrumental)
27. No Greater love/ Blu and Exile (from "Below the Heavens" LP)
28. Stars /Fashawn (Exclusive from Fashawn "Boy Meets World" LP ft. Aloe Blacc)
29. Good Bye (Exclusive Instrmental)

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Looks like The Day of Sharing has begun..

September 04 2009 . 02:01am

So it begins… TDOS has started. A handful of the TDOS faithful took matters into their own hands last night – they just couldn’t wait for Black Friday. We have to applaud their target choice – Apple, the foremost purveyor of mp3 players and one of the principal profiteers in the filesharing game. They stole – scuse me, shared – 23 MacBooks, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods in 31 seconds. Check it out:

One thing struck me when watching it – is this a kind of double agent action? Check out the iPhone framing used by the news. Does this not play as a brilliant ad campaign for Apple? The breathless reporter speaking of the value of Apple laptops, iPods, and iPhones. The repeated shots of the Apple logo. If Apple didn’t think this up they should have.

RG at

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110 L.A. art show | Jonas Lara, Brek, Tank and Zes TONIGHT!

September 03 2009 . 11:46pm

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SABER on the cover of BLISSS Magazine

September 03 2009 . 08:15pm

Read the interview at:

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