May, 2009

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May 22 2009 . 04:27pm

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The Legendary Belmont Tunnel art show at Crewest Gallery

May 22 2009 . 04:17pm

“A tribute to the birthplace of Los Angeles Graffiti Art”
Opening Reception on June 6th, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm

Crewest Gallery is proud to announce their upcoming graffiti art exhibition The Legendary Belmont Tunnel, a curation by Carlos Marquez. With the influx of Hip Hop culture from the East Coast in the early 1980’s, the graffiti movement began to take shape in Los Angeles. Young graffiti artists began searching for their own voice and spaces to create. One space that became crucial to that development was the Belmont Tunnel. Due to its central location in Downtown LA and open layout surrounded with massive walls, it quickly became the city’s most popular urban canvas. Over the next 20+ years,
Belmont became a meeting place for hundreds of developing graffiti artists to hone their craft, settle their differences through graff battles, and pass on codes of ethics to the next generation. Although the tunnel no longer exists and has now been turned into The Belmont Station apartments, the impact it had on the development of Los Angeles graffiti art will not be forgotten.
This exhibition will feature paintings, prints and giclees by the following exhibiting Legendary LA Artists: Acme, Aloy, Antonio Pelayo, Axis, BaBa, Besk, Bumper, Cab, Cale, Charlie, Cre8, Dash, Danny D, Defer, Duster, Earnone, Elser, Eriberto Oriol, Fearo, Fever, Frame, Frank Martinez, Gabe, Genius, Ghostone, Gilone, Graf One, Grande, Hex, Hyde, Jero, Jiro, Kopy, Make, Mandoe, Man One, Mosh, Nuke, OG Abel, Omega, Pale, Panic, Relax, Relic, Retna, Rickone, Risky, Ruets, Saber, Sacred194, Shandu, Siner, Size, Skept, Skyone, Sleez, Swan, Teler, Volt, Vox, Vyal, Wisk, Zender…and others
Additional Events:
– Saturday June 13 from 7-10pm:
Fundraiser event for The TemptOne Foundation with music by Stirfry and the Hammerheads. $10 donation at the door with proceeds going to the TemptOne foundation.
– Saturday June 27 from 6-9pm:
Closing Reception featuring a slideshow presentation by famed L.A. photographer Steve Grody.

*Opening and Closing Receptions are free to the public.
The exhibit can be viewed throughout the month from June 6 – 28 during regular business hours.

Crewest Gallery
110 Winston St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013

ph | 626-458-2444
fax | 213-559-0525

For further info contact:
Luna George

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WE FUNK RADIO at The Vanguard | June 4th

May 22 2009 . 12:18am

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CEAZE catching wreck in Korea

May 21 2009 . 08:27pm

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Sneak peek at Kevin Lloyd Ancell’s new mural at RVCA headquarters

May 20 2009 . 03:20pm

Kevin Lloyd Ancell was adopted at a young age and raised by a group of southern California surfers. They were the movers and shakers of the 1970s surf scene, and for Ancell, surfing became a way of life as well as a teacher of discipline; it helped him meet challenges and overcome fear.

That is where the art comes in.
For Ancell, art is an exploration of the inner self and another form of self-expression. Ancell draws most of his inspiration from Manuel Ribeira — a Spanish painter who lived in Italy. He also draws inspiration from the works of Rembrandt, Caravaggio and the old, Flemish masters.

Though he now lives and works as a full-time artist in San Francisco, Ancell’s past wanderings have included Mexico, Costa Rica, and China. In China he studied Wu Shu and taught American culture at the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology — until he was expelled for "improper political and spiritual activity."

When he’s not painting, he’s out surfing — or making surfboards, or for that matter cooking up his infamous lobster tacos.

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