May, 2009

Risky, Persue and Zane

May 07 2009 . 09:22pm

A little graffiti from the past couple days…

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The making of new AGENDA Trade Show artwork by OG ABEL

May 06 2009 . 10:29pm

This is the process of how genius minded OG ABEL creates the new AGENDA  artwork for 2009. This dude is by far one of the best Illustrators/artist in the world.


July 22 & 23, 2009

Hyatt Regency
July 22nd-23rd, 2009
Huntington Beach, CA

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My man REVOK and AUGOR make news on Kanye West’s blog

May 06 2009 . 07:46pm

Find out more on Kanye’s blog, and

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Inconic Interpretations Art Show

May 06 2009 . 07:14pm

Inconic Interpretations Art Show
is an art show displaying the images created by the thought and devotion of an ’Icon’.

The opening will be held at:
the former Lukas Stained Glass Studios
152 Helena Street
San Francisco,CA 94124

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Artists :
Prairie Prince
Pete the Painter
Nick Lukas
Sharon Collins
Stan Peskett
Lucien Shapiro
Marcus Pacheco
Stormie Mills  
Margaretta Jo
Megan Shaffer
Aunia Kahn
Matt Gil
Tim Wallingher
Michael Holman
George Mead
Wythe Bowart
Robin Grass
Cyril Jordan
Paul Knotter 
Charlie O’Hanlon
Catherine Murty
Moira Lukas
Sue Grazier
Nikki Lukas
Dela Longfish
Holly Ellis
Erin Ashford
Bob Carrau
Jamai Lowell
Jon Weis
Lingam and Yoni


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Video from CHIAROSCURO art show

May 06 2009 . 06:50pm


Saturday May 2nd was the opening for CHIAROSCURO, it was the release party for the new TSL Armor Jewelry and TheSeventhLetter Clothing Line. Transphusion sponsored an open bar and GuerillaOne was there to grab this clip!

from Carl Stoeber of Mudluscious


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