February, 2009

Today’s note: Let the Dollar CIRCULATE

February 28 2009 . 03:52pm

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1333 Minna says “THANK YOU” to all our family and friends

February 28 2009 . 05:44am

Yo Casey,

I got Goorin to give an online discount of 25% to family and friends of The Seventh Letter and KnownGallery. On the Goorin site where the hats are sold customers can enter "seventh" to get a 25% discount on the last of these styles. All are limited and will not be reproduced.

Get yours HERE

This discount ends on MARCH 7th, 2009 so get yours before it’s too late!

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20 Questions with AMANDALYNN

February 28 2009 . 05:32am

Amandalynn is one of the most well rounded artists you will ever encounter.

Born to create, Amandalynn’s artistic career spans cities, interests, and genres, infusing raw talent and drive into every endeavor she takes on.

As the only female artist that can lay claim to The Seventh Letter (Juxtapoz #78), Amandalynn has engaged in her fair share of legal and illegal and street art, but her interests take her far beyond city walls and into everything from studio painting, stained glass, sculpture restoration, set composition, apparel design, and custom motorcycle and car artistry. See, we told you she’s well rounded.

Learn a bit more about this visionary artist and peep Amandalynn’s answers to our 20 Questions below:

Read entire interview HERE

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The Seventh Letter x Agenda x The Hundreds x The Movement x DCMA

February 27 2009 . 05:23pm

Find out more at: THE HUNDREDS

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MUDluscious x The Seventh Letter x BABA x GuerillaOne

February 27 2009 . 04:28am

Find out more at: MUDluscious | Vintage Tattoo Parlor | GuerillaOne



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