May, 2008

I am speechless… Oh my GOD!

May 23 2008 . 06:25am

Find out more at:

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By far the craziest email from a fan yet!

May 23 2008 . 06:12am


This lady is the real deal! Jersey Joe received this email today:


"Hey check out this video.  It’s a video message from Patty, a dog foster mom from Jersey who’s a huge fan of your work. One of her dreams is getting you to remodel her trailer and get dogs painted on it. Check it out and if interested get in contact with her."

If Jersey ever grants the dog foster mom her wish we will definetly film it for you to see.

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The Seventh Day Project t-shirts coming soon!

May 18 2008 . 04:28pm

These will be available at:

For wholesale inquiries:

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May 15 2008 . 04:05pm

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RIME at VERSUS – May 24th 2008

May 13 2008 . 02:19am

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