June, 2007

MQISM and Tyke Witnes – KILL FILZ art show

June 30 2007 . 04:29am

This is a show not to be missed!

Saturday June 30, 2007th

440 East 17th Street #6
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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Retna and The Mac doing BIG things in Hollywood

June 30 2007 . 04:25am

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TSL is painting live for Boost Mobile in Los Angeles – June 27-29 2007

June 27 2007 . 04:38pm

June 27-29 2007

The Seventh Letter Crew
Live Wall Painting @ Laundraclean
8201 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Juxtapoz Issue #78: The Seventh Letter

June 26 2007 . 02:43am

Juxtapoz is pleased to announce the very special Seventh Letter issue. The Seventh Letter is a graffiti and art collective, and we’ve taken the entire crew and given them an entire issue of Juxtapoz. The cover story is Saber, fresh off the 10-year anniversary of his famed LA River piece, and his upcoming solo show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Also featured in this issue are Retna, Revok, Eklips, Look, Ewok, Fate, Push, Reyes, Sever, Rime, and Persue. Profiled artists include Barry McGee, SA Studios, Alexis Ross, Wise, Jason Kundell, Pysa, Hael, Hense, Finn, Norm, Amandalynn, Krush, Ceaze, Kenton Parker, Ron English, QP, Wanto, and Stormie. Shepard Fairey, Haze, Chaz Bojorquez, Zeser, and Earsnot make guest appearances as well.

The Seventh Letter issue also features a FREE pull-out poster of Saber’s LA River piece, and FREE sticker sheet featuring The Seventh Letter crew graphics.

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Stormie Mills at MilkD café

June 19 2007 . 07:00am

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