February, 2007

Family member Remi Roughe from London

February 14 2007 . 11:09pm

Our dear friend Stormie AWR ADS TSL introduced us to:

Remi Roughe was born in South London in 1971. He is essentially a graffiti writer, although that description really doesn’t paint the entire picture anymore. He is also an artist, designer, musician and television presenter. Having put 20 years into developing his style and the UK scene. He has exhibited his artwork in Perth, Hamburg, Paris, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Edinburgh and London.
His work has been sought after by companies such as; Red Bull, Nike, Ministry Of Sound, Kickers and even Her Majesty’s Foreign Office. He still lives and and works in South London with his partner and daughter.

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Alex Fakso art show in Barcelona Spain at Montana Shop & Gallery

February 14 2007 . 10:45pm

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Brandon Scales x Jersey Joe x GCS Alhambra

February 14 2007 . 10:41pm

Photo collection by Brandon Scales from GCS store Alhambra of Jersey Joe and crowd.

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Innercity issue 11 sneak preview

February 13 2007 . 01:29pm

Innercity issue 11

Astro from Montreal and his humoristic characters ; Desk7/SUK from Hamburg and his typically German style ; Alex Fakso and his crazy photographs taken in the European trains yards with the more active “trainists” ; Kaize, from Toulouse (France) and his freights; Trane, the most prolific bomber in France; fanzines collectors, Paris  trains ; walls of the whole world ; bombing in Paris and Mexico City… The first InnerCity delivery of 2007 is announced very dense! Printed on a new paper, certainly the most beautiful issue… After the 7th letter issue OF COURSE !

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New Skate All Cities videos x The Seventh Letter

February 13 2007 . 03:18am

Skate All Cities, in conjunction with U Rock Films for Cuatro.com, spent 2 days filming around the Los Angeles area to showcase the crews talents.  The following segments are videoclips that will be aired through television all over Spain and Europe.
_Big ups RICKS and SAC crew. Find out more at: Skate All Cities

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