Eric Haze busting out for Letters First show

September 16 2006 . 03:05am


Find out more at

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September 15 2006 . 08:42pm

Check out Banksy art show if your in L.A. _Barely Legal 2476 Hunter St. Los Angeles, CA 90021
Here’s a couple of photos we took today.

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Welcome home Revok!

September 15 2006 . 01:25pm

Our dear friend and crew member Revok just touched down back home in L.A. from Europe. Check his site for the works he did overseas at

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Kenton Parker

September 14 2006 . 07:02pm

Our crew member Kenton Parker had a bad motorcycle accident a couple days ago, not that two busted ankles, knees, elbow and head wounds would stop him from touring to Asia with us for Letters First. We wish him a quick recovery so we can go riding and writing!
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Ralph of The Seventh Letter builds

September 14 2006 . 04:27am

Ralph of The Seventh Letter begins the first phase of the Known Gallery web site.
Also check out another site Ralph built

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