Herbie Fletcher opening night at Known Gallery

October 31 2013 . 08:25pm

Photos: RVCA.com

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RISK | Metallic Tissue curated by Roger Gastman

October 30 2013 . 12:40am


Fabien Castanier Gallery invites you to the Opening Reception with the Artist

Fabien Castanier Gallery is excited to announce, “Metallic Tissue,” an exhibition featuring new work by Kelly “RISK” Graval, which will open on November 2 and run through December 15. This exhibition will be curated by graffiti historian, Roger Gastman.

“Metallic Tissue is the DNA of RISK, my thumbprint…”

Graffiti writers have always managed to leave their mark, literally on the urban landscape and perhaps more profoundly on the subsequent generation of artists that follow them. And in Los Angeles, no other artist has had such a major impact on the evolution of graffiti than RISK. This historic exhibition signifies RISK’s imprint on society – tracing his influence on Southern California as well as on the worldwide stage.

With a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world renowned graffiti legend. For “Metallic Tissue,” the artist will explore his versatility with various mediums and styles. For the past few years he has been painting large outdoor murals in a series called “Beautifully Destroyed,” with pieces that present color fields rather than lettering or imagery. Working with these aesthetics, he pushes the boundaries of traditional graffiti, deconstructing letters into abstract forms. While the majority of his recent work graces the walls of cities around the world, RISK sees the gallery space as a venue with no limits.

He will take advantage of the gallery setting to create an environment unlike anything else. RISK will meld elements from the natural habitat of his studio into the gallery and break the boundaries of the physical paintings themselves. He has constructed canvases from cans he has collected on his artistic journey. These cans represent his DNA as an artist – the development and functioning of RISK as an artist, his “Metallic Tissue.”

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El Velorio 2013 | Day of Dead Art Benefit and Celebration

October 23 2013 . 05:07am


The City of Los Angeles is invited to immerse themselves in Mexico’s Day of the Dead at this year’s El Velorio 2013, a celebratory community Day of the Dead event hosted by actor Jacob Vargas featuring an art exhibition with over 100 works for sale by local artists, live musical performances, special screening of Kenneth Castillo’s film “La Guapa”, face painting, photo booth, food, cash bar and arts and craft vendors. El Velorio 2013 is open to the public and is $10 presale or $15 door entry (early arrival suggested) and proceeds will benefit LA’s only multidisciplinary community arts venue dedicated to serving the Eastside neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Plaza De la Raza. El Velorio will take place on November 2, 2013 from 7pm – 1am at Plaza de la Raza’s beautiful cultural center for the arts located at 3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90031.

To purchase tickets or for more info visit: www.elvelorio.com.

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RVCA and Known Gallery proudly present: Herbie Fletcher | Path Of A Wave Warrior preview video

October 22 2013 . 11:10am

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HERBIE FLETCHER | Path of a Wave Warrior opens October 26, 2013

October 21 2013 . 08:20pm


HERBIE FLETCHER | Path of a Wave Warrior
Opening reception: October 26, 2013 | 8-11p
Show runs: October 26 – November 9, 2013

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

I left home at 16, with the clothes I was wearing, my surfboard, trunks, and a bedroll, headed for paradise. Living in the back seat of a rusted out Cadillac, was anything but, then again, at first light when I could see the waves peeling at Sunset Point. I knew my rash decision was perfect. I did odd jobs for a few bucks to keep eating, but when Greg MacGillvary hired me to star in his film Free and Easy, I figured I had it made. Paid to surf…
Since then, I’ve directed, shot and produced more then 65 surf films. Taken at least a half million stills. Shaped, glassed and painted 1000’s of dynamic, fast flying, tube riding, aero dynamic surfboards. I’ve used traditional surfboard building materials to paint and shape since those first early days when I knew I had made it into a world of discovery and adventure. I’ve never taken the traditional path, but I feel as though my life has been touched by magic.

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