Push One for Skullcandy

January 15 2014 . 11:18pm




Video shot and edited by the amazing: justwilliet.com
To stay tuned on Push make sure to visit: instagram.com/knowudont

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SABER | Union Jacked limited edition print available January 16, 2014

January 14 2014 . 08:56pm

Union Jacked

Union Jacked

Union Jacked

Union Jacked

Union Jacked

Title: Union Jacked
Artist: SABER
Type: Print
Edition 75
Dimensions: 45cm x 90cm
Year: 2014
Material: Hand-finished, 17-colour screen print on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized paper with 23-carat gold leaf and deckled edges
Signed and numbered by the artist

Available for purchase 16:00 GMT on Jan 16th, 2014 at: theoutsiders.net

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RETNA – EASTERN REALM Limited Edition 8 color serigraph available January 16, 2014

January 14 2014 . 08:03pm


Limited Edition – 8 color serigraph
Image Size – 18″ x 24” (with hand deckled edges)
Edition Size – 60
Substrate – Coventry Rag 290 gsm
Master Printer – Tony Clough
Price – $600 + shipping
Release: 1/16/2014 @ 12:00PM PST
Available at: 13Press.com

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Interview: graffiti artist Saber

January 13 2014 . 10:58pm



Scaling walls sans safety nets at the dead of night, graffiti artists risk life and limb to make their art. But the leap they make from street to gallery is just as tough a challenge in its way: in winning over the art world, they threaten the credibility as authentic outsiders that is their calling card. The consequence is a strange phenomenon: wealthy and successful artists such as Banksy who still slip out with their spray can and cling to their anonymity as a symbol of their rebelliousness.

For Saber, whose show The Ugly American opens at the Outsiders gallery in London’s Soho this week, the situation is a little different. Fired by a sense of social injustice, the Los Angeles-based artist has channelled his energy into a high-profile political activism that has left him nowhere to hide. In 2010, he attracted the opprobrium of the US right – including the wrath of Fox News – when he graffitied the Stars and Stripes in an effort to highlight the injustices of the US healthcare system. (The video he released was used by the US administration as part of its healthcare campaign.) A year later, he caused a sensation when he commissioned light aircraft to write slogans across the LA and New York skies that raged against cuts to the arts and against a new law censoring public murals.

To read the full article please visit: www.ft.com

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Designboom interviews Alex Brewer, better known as HENSE

January 11 2014 . 12:56am


hense_alex_brewer_interview_02 copy

DB: please could you tell us briefly about your background?
AB: I’m a contemporary visual artist with a focus primarily on public art, painting, sculpture and site-specific installation work. I’ve been creating paintings and drawings ever since I was very young. my parents had a background in interior design and architecture and they also studied art in college which I think contributed to my wanting to be creative early on. they pushed public television and reading and I remember being inspired by the things I would see on PBS or read in a book. a also really liked the illustrations I saw in children’s books that we had around the house growing up. I didn’t really start thinking about having a career in art until high school. in 1992 I discovered graffiti and I basically through myself into the world of working outdoors and on multiple surfaces. I studied art at virginia commonwealth university briefly and dropped out to peruse my work in the street. in 2000 I got a job working at an art publishing company which had an in house art studio full of all the materials I would need to experiment with. I worked for the company for several years developing works for them and for myself, while simultaneously going out to paint the streets at night. I learned about scale and working outdoors through exterior street work and I learned about painting and developing my studio practice by working with the company. I always took on my own projects or exhibitions on the side and got to a point of being busy enough to shift my focus entirely to having my own studio.

To read the full article please visit: www.designboom.com
For further acquaintance on the artist visit: hensethename.com

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