Photographer Dennis Morris Shares Iconic Images & Stories Of Bob Marley with Revolt Tv

July 25 2014 . 04:34am

Think of your favorite Bob Marley photograph. Now meet Dennis Morris, the man who probably took it. This week, the British photographer who spent years as the reggae icon’s official camera man — and dear friend — came to REVOLT Live to share some treasured images, and the powerful stories that accompany them.

Morris first met Marley as a fan, skipping school to attend Bob’s first UK show. The two met, and Bob waved him into the gig, conversing with young Dennis as he took photos. In a fairy tale twist, Marley asked Dennis to come along on the band’s tour. When asked what Marley saw in Dennis to invite him to photograph the shows based only on their chance encounter and conversation, Dennis says, “I think we had similar backgrounds, in terms of, I never knew my father, and neither did Bob. I was searching… We hit it off.”

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Askew One + Fintan Magee | Two artist Exhibition titled Oceanic Presented by RexRomae in London,UK

July 24 2014 . 12:16am


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Dennis Morris On Revolt TV today talking about THE BOLLOCKS

July 22 2014 . 11:26am

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New wall DZT X 123KLAN

July 15 2014 . 11:31pm

New wall Downtown Los Angeles by DZT X 123KLAN “LA HAND” mascot wall by SLICK, SCIEN, KLOR, BRISK

and COOK

Photos shot by:


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July 13 2014 . 08:28pm

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