Red Bull Latagrafica Ed. II Closing Event Featuring Frank Romero

October 23 2014 . 05:28am

Since January 2014, 10 inspiring artists were selected to be part of a large public art project entitled Red Bull Latagráfica and were invited to paint a mural, with walls throughout Los Angeles as their canvas, based on the inspiration “puedes,” which translates to “you can.” Whether it means ambition and hustle, overcoming a struggle or hope, artists will answer the question, “What does ‘puedes’ mean to you?” through their completed artwork. The artists selected to be part of this project were: Chris Sanchez, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Fernando Barragan, Germs, Man One, The Date Farmers, Vyal, Wenceslao Quiroz and Frank Romero.This projects purpose is to pay homage to the Los Angeles and Latino art communities through art. On Friday, October 24, we are all invited to attend a closing event which celebrates the completion of this wonderful project and the final mural painted by a Los Angeles Muralist legend Frank Romero and is to be unveiled! This is a very exciting moment. If you are interested in attending this closing event which includes an art installation curated by the 10 Red Bull Latagráfica artists an art, music performances, food, drinks and the unveiling of this new mural, please RSVP your attendance to: Event is free and we are all welcome.

WHAT: Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Closing event & Mural N. 10 of 10 Launch
WHERE: Plaza de la Raza, 3540 N. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90031
TIME: 8:30pm to 11:30pm

See you all Friday night.

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Hypebeast recaps on “BEAST ASTRAY” Art Exhibition at Known Gallery by Joe Hahn of Linkin Park

October 22 2014 . 10:10pm

At the end of last month, Hypebeast gave a recap of Joe Hahn’s multi-artist show “BEAST ASTRAY,” in which many of Hahn’s close friends and associates displayed their creative spin on the turntablist/director’s second film, MALL. Here’s another look with a clip featuring interviews from some of the contributors discussing their interpretations, as well as several shots of the art pieces that were displayed at Known Gallery.
To find out more info visit

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Complex | The best Art Events to see in Los Angeles this month

October 17 2014 . 02:22am


Visit to find out more.


On view: October 11 – 25, 2014

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Get to Know | The Art of Jesse Hazelip

October 17 2014 . 01:56am


The Belle of the Brawl – Jesse hazelip from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

Visit to find out more.

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TRIGZ – Every little bit is appreciated and makes a big difference. Thank you.

October 13 2014 . 05:45am


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