JR’s “Wrinkles Of The City” Project Arrives in Istanbul

May 28 2015 . 10:04pm


More at hypebeast.com

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Felipe Pantone’s “OPTICROMÍAS” at Delimbo Gallery, Spain

May 28 2015 . 09:10pm

Felipe Pantone

Delimbo Gallery
C/Pérez Galdós nº 1 Acc. C.P. 41004 Sevilla
(Zona Alfalfa-Encarnación)

Source: www.juxtapoz.com

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Beautiful mural painted by artist Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE in South Park LA

May 28 2015 . 08:58pm

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Kaid Ashton Limited Edition Print Release

May 02 2015 . 07:48pm

Outside of exploring and taking photos, a good portion of Kaid’s life has been spent either on a basketball court or venturing through a train yard. He has decided it was time to release a print of the many hoops and tracks that he has discovered around the world.

Prints are 24 x36, hand signed on the back and $150 each. The series is limited to 25 prints per theme.

If you are interested drop an email to kaidashton@gmail.com

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Know Hope in Tel Aviv

April 28 2015 . 11:50pm

The Israeli wordsmith/artist – famous for his fragmented poems – tattooed his street art on to 24 people for his latest exhibition.

“One of the main aspects that the project communicates is the idea that a phrase receives its ever-changing essence by the context that it is placed in” – Know Hope

More information at www.dazeddigital.com


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