POST-GRAFFITI PACIFIC launch at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Chippendale

July 14 2015 . 02:56am



Exhibition Opening: Thurs 16 Jul, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition Continues: Fri 17 Jul – Sun 23 Aug, 12 – 8pm

Post-Graffiti Pacific is not just another graffiti exhibition. It’s a statement and a definition – a bold assertion of language, history, culture, expression and the significance of place in art making. Curator Olivia Laita and her line-up of seven leading Post-Graffiti Pacific artists are proposing, with conviction, the dawn of a new movement in art.

Post-Graffiti Pacific, which launches at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Chippendale on Thursday 16 July from 6-9pm, seeks, in part, to organise the way we talk about urban contemporary art. As urban contemporary artists have evolved to straddle the divide between public and studio practice, terms like ‘graffiti’ and ‘street art’ have become insufficient to describe the activities and motivations of today’s urban artists. ‘Post-Graffiti’ is now a recognised term, used to describe the work of artists whose backgrounds in graffiti inform their professional artistic practice.

aMBUSH Gallery’s director Bill Dimas says, “The way the flourishing urban contemporary art movement permeates geographical borders in order to both unify and distinguish cultures and modes of expression has been one of aMBUSH’s driving motivators since the day we launched. It is exciting to be working with Olivia and the Post-Graffiti Pacific artists in bringing their perspectives and skills before a Sydney audience so we can continue to explore the potential of urban contemporary art and its future as a movement.”

In embracing the concept of Post-Graffiti, and to further crystalise their roles in and relationships to the new urban contemporary art movement, the seven Post-Graffiti Pacific artists also use their work to emphasise their cultural backgrounds as New Zealanders. Through Post-Graffiti Pacific, they intend to platform themselves as representatives of Post-Graffiti artists who hail from the greater Pacific region.

Curator Olivia Laita says, “Post-Graffiti Pacific is the vehicle for [the artists] to explore the complexity of issues relating to a region that accounts for around a third of the planet and 40% of global trade. Human migration in both the ancient and modern and the pre and post-colonial context provides the basis for the artists to cover a multitude of subjects that encompass everything from ancient exploration, mythology, identity, economics and environmental issues.”

The Post-Graffiti Pacific movement is being pioneered by Auckland-based artists Askew One, Benjamin Work, Berst, Elliot Francis Stewart, Gary Silipa, Misery and Route52, with Laita at the helm. The multidisciplinary exhibition will feature paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture, and New Zealand digital composer Max Wehi will be performing his musical interpretation of the works on the opening night.

Post-Graffiti Pacific launches at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Chippendale on Thursday 16 July from 6-9pm, and continues until Sunday 23 August from 12-8pm. Visit or search aMBUSH Gallery on Facebook for more information and event updates.

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PUSH / REMEMBER TO FORGET opens July 11, 2015 at Known Gallery, Los Angeles

July 02 2015 . 10:09am


Opening reception: July 11, 2015 | 7-10p
On view: July 11-26, 2015

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Catalog available at:

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Vans Presents 30 Years of the Screaming Hand – A tribute to the Jim Phillips at The Seventh Letter

July 02 2015 . 09:42am



VANS Presents An Art Show Celebrating Thirty Years of the Screaming Hand A tribute to the artist Jim Phillips and a skateboarding icon

In 1985, in a small art studio on the Eastside of Santa Cruz, CA, Jim Phillips Sr. was creating images that unbeknownst to him would affect generations of artists and skateboarders to come. Of all of the iconic imagery that Jim has created; the Screaming Hand logo has stood the test of time. Thirty years after its inception, the Screaming Hand still remains an unmistakable symbol of youth and skateboard culture.

In honor of Jim Phillips Sr. and the Screaming Hand logo, Santa Cruz has invited over 48 of the world’s most influential artists of the past 30 years to interpret and pay homage to this iconic image. For the inaugural show in Los Angeles, The Seventh Letter has curated a collective of artists to give another perspective and show how the logo has influenced artists from all walks.

Featured Artists include: Jim Phillips Sr., Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips, Jeremy Fish, Mike Giant, Todd Bratrud, Bigfoot, Michael Sieben, John Lucero, John Munnerlyn, Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Natas Kaupus, Eric Dressen, Thomas Campbell, Sean Cliver, Mark Gonzales, Benny Gold, Jason Jessee, Mark Widmann, Makoto Yamaki, Skinner and many more.

The Seventh Letter curated artists: 2Shae, Alon Bonder, Aroe, Axis, BOM.K, Defer, Drew Merritt, Ewok, Fate, Felipe Pantone, Gustavo Rimada, Kasl, Kkade Schwarzmaler, Know Hope, Krush, Manny Sayes, MQISM, OG Abel, Omens, QP, PM Tenore, Retna, Reyes, Rick Klotz, Sebastien Walker, Sergio Garcia, Slick, Steel, TapeMetalCanvas, Trav, Tyke Witnes and more!

The kickoff public event will be on Saturday July 11th, 2015 from 6 to 10pm at The Seventh Letter Gallery on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles.  Limited Edition signed prints, decks and zines will be available.  Kid Robot Purple Screaming Hands figurines (edition of 15) will be auctioned off benefiting Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support.

This date coincides with the weekend after the closing of the Agenda international tradeshow in Long Beach, California. The art show will then travel to Vancouver, London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei, Tokyo, and then back to the USA followed by 15 USA locations including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and more.

The Seventh Letter Gallery
346 North Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Skrillex x Diplo x Justin Bieber filmed at The Seventh Letter Gallery

June 29 2015 . 05:35pm

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June 26 2015 . 06:58pm

If you pinpoint the intersection where street art, pop culture, skate, punk rock, hip hop, DIY culture and politics converge, you will find Shepard Fairey. His ubiquitous art and iconography has become virtually unavoidable. He represents everything that Agenda Emerge intends to achieve and his Emerge lecture was a highlight of the conference. For more information on Agenda Emerge Conferences, click here.

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